Автор публикаций Alessia Nigretti

Making the most of TextMesh Pro in Unity 2018

16 октября, 201822

Whether you’re working on an FPS, a puzzle game or a VR experience, one of the aspects you have to take care of is User Interface. Luckily e... Подробнее

Imitation Learning in Unity: The Workflow

24 мая, 201814

With the release of ML-Agents toolkit v0.3 Beta, there are lots of new ways to use Machine Learning in your projects. Whether you’re working... Подробнее

Using Machine Learning Agents Toolkit in a real game: a beginner’s guide

11 декабря, 201711

My name is Alessia Nigretti and I am a Technical Evangelist for Unity. My job is to introduce Unity’s new features to developers. My fellow ... Подробнее