Автор публикаций Alitt Khaliq

Realizing rapid conceptual design with kitbashing

+2 11 августа, 202011

Our small team quickly mashed up Snaps, KitBash3D, and other Asset Store packages to demonstrate what can be achieved with a little work and... Подробнее

The creative process behind Serekh

+1 28 июня, 20193

Now available on the Asset Store, Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh is a high-quality asset pack that celebrates the science fiction and fant... Подробнее

Introducing Serekh: New asset pack, Buried Memories Volume 2

+1 7 июня, 20197

We're excited to bring you Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh. Concept artist Edvige Faini transports you to a laboratory of unknown location ... Подробнее

Sound Design and Music — Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil Icon Pack

4 апреля, 20195

The Unity Icon Collective brings together top industry talent to produce high-quality content straight to the Unity Asset Store. Today we di... Подробнее

Animation and cinematics in Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil

4 марта, 2019

A few months ago, we released Volume 1 of the Icon Collective, and it’s time to share more about what went into the animation and cinematics... Подробнее

Now Available: Yggdrasil Icon Pack

20 декабря, 201825

We’re excited to announce the release of Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil – the first Icon Pack from the Unity Icon Collective. We built ... Подробнее