Автор публикаций Aras Pranckevičius

Texture optimization in Unity 2021.1

+1 17 февраля, 202125

A key focus area for Unity 2021.1, now available in beta, is Editor performance, helping you iterate faster on your project. Texture import ... Подробнее

Releasing the Unity C# source code

26 марта, 201856

This Friday we published the Unity engine and editor C# source code on GitHub, under a reference-only license. Wait... what? It's always b... Подробнее


27 августа, 201553

Эта новость посвящена тому, что из графики мы планируем удалить из будущих версий Unity. Многим знакома ситуация, когда попытка улучшить пр... Подробнее

Extending Unity 5 rendering pipeline: Command Buffers

6 февраля, 201551

In Unity 5 we've been adding many user-visible graphics features (new Standard shader, realtime global illumination, reflection probes, new ... Подробнее

Optimizing Shader Info Loading, or Look at Yer Data!

18 января, 201517

A story about a million shader variants, optimizing using Instruments and looking at the data to optimize some more. The Bug Report The bu... Подробнее

Curious Case of Slow Texture Importing, and xperf

10 января, 201527

I was looking at a curious bug report: “Texture importing got much slower in current beta”. At first look, I dismissed it under “eh, someone... Подробнее

Frame Debugger in Unity 5.0

29 июля, 201427

Have you ever looked at some graphics issue in Unity, and thought “if only I could see how the final frame is rendered, step-by-step?”. I kn... Подробнее

Metal, a new graphics API for iOS 8

3 июля, 201425

Exciting times for graphics on iOS 8! At its recent World Wide Developers Conference, Apple introduced Metal, a new graphics API that’s l... Подробнее

Shader Compilation in Unity 4.5

6 мая, 201438

A story in several parts. 1) how shader compilation is done in upcoming Unity 4.5; and 2) how it was developed. First one is probably intere... Подробнее

Mobile Hardware Statistics (and more)

7 апреля, 201319

Short summary: Unity’s hardware stats page now has a “mobile” section. Which is exactly what it says, hardware statistics of people playing ... Подробнее

Unity 4.0 third public beta (including free version)

1 ноября, 201222

Helloes! We are in the finishing stages of Unity 4.0 release. So here's the third beta build: unity3d.com/unity/beta/download. A chang... Подробнее

Unity 3.x and 4.x going forward

24 июня, 201247

Unity 4 was just announced, and many of you are probably thinking about if you should upgrade to Unity 4.0 now or later. Whither Unity 4.... Подробнее

«Fast Mobile Shaders» talk at SIGGRAPH

18 августа, 201112

Yes! I did a talk at SIGGRAPH! Ahem. So yeah, a bunch of us were at SIGGRAPH 2011 in lovely Vancouver, doing talks, meeting people and... Подробнее