Автор публикаций Ciro Continisio

Choosing the resolution of your 2D art assets

At game events and online, people often ask me this question: “I’m making a 2D game in Unity for both PC and mobile: what resolution should ... Подробнее

Ноябрь 19, 201817

Extending Timeline: A Practical Guide

Unity launched Timeline along with Unity 2017.1 and since then, we have received a lot of feedback about it. After talking with many develop... Подробнее

Сентябрь 5, 201810

Creative Scripting for Timeline

Timeline is a powerful tool for creating cutscenes and short movies. But there’s more to it! Let’s see how we can leverage Timeline to blend... Подробнее

Апрель 5, 201822

GGJ Splash Clash — Post Mortem

Global Game Jam 2017 recently ended. It was a mad weekend where 36,000 game makers gathered in more than 700 venues around the world, and ma... Подробнее

Февраль 2, 201714

Teaching Unity to non-programmers: Playground Project

Many teachers around the world struggle with delivering introductory workshops on making games. Tools like Unity are complex pieces of softw... Подробнее

Сентябрь 20, 201616