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Open Projects: Embark on an open source gamedev journey with us

30 сентября, 20208

While game development is a rewarding adventure, working as a team is an effective way of tackling the many challenges along the way. We’d l... Подробнее

Learn how Animation Rigging can level up animation in your project

+1 18 июня, 202011

A year ago, Unity introduced a preview package called Animation Rigging, and we’re adding new functionality to it in 2020. We’re also sharin... Подробнее

Get started making games with Unity Playground

25 января, 201911

We are super excited to announce the official launch of Unity Playground - the first official project dedicated entirely to educators and an... Подробнее

Choosing the resolution of your 2D art assets

19 ноября, 201817

At game events and online, people often ask me this question: “I’m making a 2D game in Unity for both PC and mobile: what resolution should ... Подробнее

Extending Timeline: A Practical Guide

5 сентября, 201810

Unity launched Timeline along with Unity 2017.1 and since then, we have received a lot of feedback about it. After talking with many develop... Подробнее

Creative Scripting for Timeline

5 апреля, 201822

Timeline is a powerful tool for creating cutscenes and short movies. But there’s more to it! Let’s see how we can leverage Timeline to blend... Подробнее

GGJ Splash Clash — Post Mortem

2 февраля, 201714

Global Game Jam 2017 recently ended. It was a mad weekend where 36,000 game makers gathered in more than 700 venues around the world, and ma... Подробнее

Teaching Unity to non-programmers: Unity Playground

20 сентября, 201616

Many teachers around the world struggle with delivering introductory workshops on making games. Tools like Unity are complex pieces of softw... Подробнее