Автор публикаций Dioselin Gonzalez

Looking to the future of mixed reality (Part III)

9 октября, 20176

In this third and final part of the series we analyze how foundational platforms will and must evolve, and outline our vision of how MR appl... Подробнее

Looking to the future of mixed reality — Part I

5 сентября, 20179

In this 3-part series we analyze areas we believe should be addressed for mixed reality to become mainstream, and not only to improve existi... Подробнее

#CodeSnippets: Toggle Vive’s front facing camera and «Tron Mode» at run time

16 июня, 20176

How to programmatically turn the front facing camera video and camera for chaperone bounds on and off on the HTC Vive. Unity’s 2017 hack ... Подробнее

Unity + Made By Girls VR Workshop and Career Shadow Day

17 апреля, 20176

“Invest in Girls, Change the World” - Girl Scouts On March 31, 2017 we were incredibly proud to partner with Made By Girls (MBG) — a STEM e... Подробнее

List View Framework

5 августа, 2016

In order to implement project Carte Blanche’s card system, we developed an extensible framework for creating dynamic, scrollable lists of ob... Подробнее

Speech Recognition and VR

2 августа, 2016

Speech recognition is useful for VR not only for simulating conversations with AI agents but also for the user to communicate with any appli... Подробнее

Cognitive Implications of Widespread VR (2/3)

16 мая, 2016

Second of a three-part series based on the talk: Cognitive Implications of VR, at Vision Summit February 2016. The first article can be foun... Подробнее

Cognitive Implications of Widespread VR

14 марта, 2016

First, let’s talk a bit about the brain. If you’ve studied cog psych, you’ve likely heard about about how neurons process information. There... Подробнее