Автор публикаций Edward Martin

Real-Time 3D for Auto – From CAD to Unity

+1 18 сентября, 20187

In August, we had our first webinar for automotive, allowing audiences to see how PiXYZ’s best-in-class CAD-import solution and Unity’s real... Подробнее

PiXYZ v2018.2 – Automation and algorithms for automotive success

14 августа, 20181

Earlier this year, we announced our partnership with PiXYZ Software to provide Unity automotive and transportation customers with the best C... Подробнее

Rendering in the fast lane: Real-time results for automotive

3 июля, 201813

Learn how a small team achieved jaw-dropping results in no time at all through CAD data import, prep, optimization with PiXYZ, Asset Store p... Подробнее

Unity Partners with PiXYZ Software to unlock CAD data for real-time development

6 марта, 201840

Together, Unity and PiXYZ deliver a solution that makes creating real-time interactive and virtual experiences based on CAD data faster and ... Подробнее