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2D Pixel Perfect: How to set up your Unity project for retro 8-bit games

+1 13 марта, 201912

Retro games with simple mechanics and pixelated graphics can evoke fond memories for veteran gamers, while also being approachable to younge... Подробнее

Announcing the Unity 2D Challenge winners

22 января, 20195

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our 2D Challenge! We received 212 awesome submissions that underlined the creativity, passion, and exc... Подробнее

Kaze and the Wild Masks: Designing a great pixel art character

16 января, 20195

Nostalgia can be very powerful, but historical limitations don’t need to curb your creativity. Vox Game Studio shares their experience of de... Подробнее

Children of Morta: Bringing order to the chaos of procedural generation

30 ноября, 20184

When Dead Mage created Children of Morta, a narrative-driven 2D dungeon crawler, they ran into some challenges balancing the roguelike eleme... Подробнее

Kenney’s tips for the Unity 2D Challenge

+1 21 ноября, 20183

Kenney’s collection of 40K+ pieces of public domain 2D and 3D art has enabled countless projects to take shape. We asked Kenney, who is curr... Подробнее

Show the world what you can do with 2D

5 ноября, 201811

There’s no better opportunity to start a new page of your notepad and start sketching your games ideas because we are celebrating the recent... Подробнее