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Happy holidays from the Unity ML-Agents team!

+1 28 декабря, 20202

On behalf of the Unity ML-Agents team, we want to wish everyone and their loved ones a happy holiday and new year!  As we close out 2020, we... Подробнее

How Eidos-Montréal created Grid Sensors to improve observations for training agents

+2 20 ноября, 20202

Within Eidos Labs, several projects use machine learning. The Automated Game Testing project tackles the problem of testing the functionalit... Подробнее

Announcing ML-Agents Unity Package v1.0!

+4 12 мая, 202013

On September 17, 2017, the first version of Unity Machine Learning Agents Toolkit (ML-Agents) was released. The mission was simple – allow g... Подробнее

Optimize your game balance with Unity Game Simulation

+2 24 марта, 20209

On March 23rd, we announced Unity Game Simulation at the Google for Games Developer Summit. Unity Game Simulation is a cloud service that en... Подробнее

Announcing the Obstacle Tower Challenge winners and open source release

+1 7 августа, 20199

After six months of competition (and a few last-minute submissions), we are happy to announce the conclusion and winners of the Obstacle Tow... Подробнее

Obstacle Tower Challenge Round 2 begins today

+1 15 мая, 20192

In February, we launched the first round of the Obstacle Tower Challenge. Since the closing of the round, we have received 2000+ entries fro... Подробнее