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Enlighten will be replaced with a robust solution for Baked and Real-time GIobal Illumination

Unity is required to remove Enlighten but will continue support as-is through 2020 LTS. We have a robust replacement for Enlighten Baking wi... Подробнее

Июль 3, 201963

In Development — Progressive Lightmapper

We’ve been hard at work on the Progressive Lightmapper since we first showed it at GDC in March. Please watch the video below for a quick in... Подробнее

Сентябрь 28, 201656


Мы вновь объединяем усилия с Алексом Лаветтом, автором Shrine Arch-viz! Наш новый совместный проект — The Courtyard, цель которого — показат... Подробнее

Ноябрь 5, 201548

@Heliosdoublesix does Arch-viz with realtime Global Illumination

Is it possible to dial up the quality level in Unity 5 high enough to make high-end architectural visualizations? In response Alex Lovett a... Подробнее

Февраль 24, 201528

Global Illumination in Unity 5


Сентябрь 18, 201465

Iterative baking of Occlusion and NavMeshes

A lot of cool stuff was developed during Ninja Camp VII. One of the projects targetted the baking of NavMeshes and Occlusion data. Wouldn... Подробнее

Ноябрь 30, 201215

Shuriken — World Particle Collision

With Unity 4.0 we are adding support for world particle collsion detection. It's quite awesome and very fast. We spent a lot of time ... Подробнее

Ноябрь 18, 201216