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Faces of Unity: Sonya Gharsallah

Cultivating an atmosphere of energy, positivity, and collaboration is a goal of every Unity office, and no team better embodies this goal th... Подробнее

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Faces of Unity: Alex Lim

Each blog in the Faces of Unity series features an employee whose work plays an integral part in creating the engine you know and love. Whet... Подробнее

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Faces of Unity: Maxine Schlein

As part of our commitment to democratizing development, solving hard problems, and enabling success, our Product Marketing team works closel... Подробнее

Октябрь 4, 2018

Faces of Unity: Alex Lindman

Unity’s internship program allows students from a broad spectrum of disciplines to work and grow under world-class mentors. From engineering... Подробнее

Сентябрь 6, 2018

Faces of Unity: Harry Rose

Our Sustained Engineering (SE) team exemplifies our commitment to providing timely, quality service to millions of Unity developers. Harry R... Подробнее

Июль 18, 20183

Faces of Unity: Andrew Maneri

Unity is made up of talented people, including artists, engineers, and project managers, whose work is as varied as their interests! Get to ... Подробнее

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Faces of Unity: Sarah Stumbo

Unity is an amazing place to work, fueled by equally amazing people! We hope you will enjoy getting to know our company and our staff a litt... Подробнее

Апрель 19, 2018