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Tuesdays are for #unitytips

Over the years at Unity, I’ve gathered quite a few tips and tricks. I recently shared some of my favorites in a Develop article and soon eno... Подробнее

Май 5, 201519

Global Game Jam 2015

It’s that time of the year again! Global Game Jam is on next weekend! Unity Pro trial licenses are available to download right now, so you c... Подробнее

Январь 16, 201524

Как создать user group в вашем регионе

User group – это отличный способ познакомиться с местными разработчиками в вашем регионе, делиться советами и методами, демонстрировать свои... Подробнее

Декабрь 11, 201423

7DFPS 2014

Last week saw game developers across the globe coming together to take part in the 3rd annual 7DFPS (7 Day First Person Shooter) game jam. I... Подробнее

Ноябрь 18, 20141

Train Jam 2014

    If you are interested in seeing the games produced during the jam, please head over to the Train Jam website and check them out! So how... Подробнее

Апрель 10, 20146

Global Game Jam 2014

It was another record breaking year for the Global Game Jam this year with a mind blowing total of 2292 games created using Unity.  This is ... Подробнее

Февраль 7, 201425

Oculus IndieCade VR Jam Wrap Up

Since August 2nd, 220 teams of developers around the world have been working on projects to explore the Oculus Rift's capabilities. Of th... Подробнее

Сентябрь 20, 2013

Game Jams Galore! 7DFPS Unity Roundup

There have been a huge amount of game jams going on of late, with the 7DFPS finishing off last weekend and the Oculus Rift IndieCade jam cur... Подробнее

Август 20, 20134

Global Game Jam 2013

Its that time of year again! It really doesn't feel like 5 minutes since last years Global Game Jam, its amazing how time flies. For t... Подробнее

Январь 18, 201318

No rest for the Ninjas

With our biggest release to date just out the door, you’d think the developers at Unity would get some time to kick back and relax. Hell no!... Подробнее

Ноябрь 20, 201210

Unite 12 Day 3 Summary

The morning after our annual Unite party is never the easiest, and 2012 proved to be no different. A fantastic event at Amsterdam’s gorgeous... Подробнее

Август 28, 20123

Unite 12 Day 2 Summary

Day two of Unite kicked off with a fantastic talk by renowned game designer Brian Fargo, who spoke about the creative autonomy he’s achieved... Подробнее

Август 24, 20122

Unite 12 Day 1 Summary

Hello everyone! So Unite 2012, Day 1 (if you don't count the Training Day!) is coming to a close. It's been fantastic time and it’s great... Подробнее

Август 22, 201221