Автор публикаций Kristyna Hougaard

Unity Hackweek 2018: Creating X Together

Июль 4, 20186

When do you do your best creative work? At Unity, we know that when you’re around people you trust, in a relaxed, friendly environment, and ... Подробнее

Как растить и развивать ваше игровое сообщество

Июль 4, 20164

Отвечая за активности Unity в социальных медиа и форумах, я и моя команда постоянно встречаем людей, которые сталкиваются с трудностями в пр... Подробнее

Unity at Hack Week 11

Май 25, 201614

How do we maintain the fast pace of innovation and maintain a stable product at the same time? Hack weeks are a part of the answer. The prin... Подробнее

Launching a successful product on the Asset Store

Февраль 9, 20167

Have you ever thought about making some extra money on the Asset Store? Or do you just want more people to see your awesome art and tools? H... Подробнее


Октябрь 26, 20152

Очевидно, что для претворения в жизнь амбициозных игровых проектов необходима слаженная работа разработчиков. Две небольшие студии рассказыв... Подробнее

Unity and Anime Studio Pro: The Making of Monster Mingle

Июнь 10, 201513

When Chris O’Shea and the team at Cowly Owl had the idea for their recent game Monster Mingle, they realized that their vision requires real... Подробнее

Color Grading with Unity and the Asset Store

Май 12, 201511

It takes a split second for a brain to judge your game’s visual style. Color grading, a post processing visual effect, is often the secret s... Подробнее

Capital: Adventures in adventure creating

Апрель 21, 20156

Games can be the perfect medium to tell stories with. But how do you get started when you’re not a coder? I talked to the film maker and gam... Подробнее

Crossy Road and Unity Ads

Январь 13, 201516

UPDATE: Now at $3 million At our GDC event, we were proud to announce that the iOS version of Crossy Road has earned over $3 million with U... Подробнее

Indie while Expecting: The Story of Glyph Quest

Декабрь 17, 201429

Can you charge for a game you made with the free version of Unity? Yes. YES! Making money off games is always hard, of course. But with Unit... Подробнее

The Sound Engineer and the Asset Store

Ноябрь 27, 201421

Eric “Dok” Wager is a French sound engineer with almost twenty years of experience in music and French cinema. Currently, he provides intera... Подробнее

First Unity game in WebGL: Owlchemy Labs’ conversion of Aaaaa! to asm.js

Октябрь 14, 201429

Starting today, Aaaaa! for the Awesome is the first commercially available Unity WebGL game! It’s been a long ride for Unity WebGL tools and... Подробнее

Universal Fighting Engine: Building a business on the Asset Store

Октябрь 9, 201411

Daniel Esteves is an Asset Store publisher who is all in. His assets are not a byproduct of his game development process. He actually enjoys... Подробнее