Автор публикаций Mathieu Muller

New: Shotgun template coming 2019

13 ноября, 20183

Today, we revealed a deeper collaboration between Unity and Autodesk. As part of this, we announced a new Shotgun Software, an Autodesk comp... Подробнее

Mr Carton — The world’s first cartoon series MadeWithUnity

23 февраля, 20178

My name is Mathieu Muller and I am a Field Engineer in EMEA and a film specialist at Unity. Last November, during Unite Los Angeles, I organ... Подробнее

Adam — Step by Step

11 января, 201714

When we showed the Adam demo for the first time at GDC last year, everyone was blown away by the look and quality achieved with Unity. But s... Подробнее

Art Avatar at Centre Pompidou

28 ноября, 20144

Centre Pompidou in Paris, France is an amazing world-renowned modern art museum. We are stoked to partner up with one of its current exhibit... Подробнее