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Madewith.unity.com profile and story creation is moving to Unity Connect

Two years ago, we launched madewith.unity.com as an online destination for our community to share the amazing games, projects, and experimen... Подробнее

Август 8, 20173

Made with Unity games win at the 2017 Apple Design Awards!

Each year, the most beautiful and innovative apps from the App Store are considered for Apple’s prestigious Design Awards. Many amazing proj... Подробнее

Июнь 8, 20171

Vision Summit speaker highlight: Sol Rogers

Sol Rogers has a history deeply rooted in mixed reality technology as a long time VR/AR evangelist throughout the years. Starting in academi... Подробнее

Апрель 19, 2017

Vision Summit speaker highlight: Bay Raitt

Bay Raitt is a veteran and pioneer within the digital arts space and joins the keynote lineup at the Vision VR/AR Summit. Raitt's accomplish... Подробнее

Апрель 13, 2017

Made with Unity Showcase at Unite 16 & The Revamped Madewith.unity.com!

Made with Unity has been a really bright spot for us for many reasons this past year. It’s invigorating for all of us to really see just how... Подробнее

Июль 19, 20167

The Made with Unity Tell Your Story Contest

Celebrating Over 250 Stories on madewith.unity.com! We’ve seen some amazing stories since the launch of madewith.unity.com and learned ab... Подробнее

Июнь 15, 20162

The Made with Unity Showcase @ Unite Europe Line-up!

First, a big thank you to everyone who submitted to our Made with Unity Showcase at Unite Europe!  Our goal was to pick 36 unique games of v... Подробнее

Май 12, 20161

iOS 64-bit and Metal update

Welcome to round two of our weekly blog update covering progress with stabilization and optimization of iOS 64-bit support in Unity 4.6 and ... Подробнее

Апрель 17, 20154

Еженедельное обновление поддержки iOS 64-бит и Metal

Мы много работали, стабилизируя и оптимизируя поддержку 64-разрядной iOS в Unity 4.6 и 5.0 и, понимая, что это интересует очень многих из ва... Подробнее

Апрель 7, 201513