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Do You Want to Make Your Studio More Diverse?

Hi, I’m Na’Tosha!  I work as Lead of Engineering Tools in R&D here at Unity, and I write and tweet about various things.  One of the iss... Подробнее

Июнь 2, 201677

Unity Comes to Linux: Experimental Build Now Available

Hello again, lovely people! Last month, I wrote a blog post detailing our plans for Unity on Linux.  Well, I'm back again to tell you the b... Подробнее

Август 26, 2015234

The State of Unity on Linux

Hello lovely people! Last week at Unite Europe, the Unity roadmap was made public, and it included a highly-voted feature on our feedback... Подробнее

Июль 1, 2015217

4.6 is Released with Source for UI System!

Unity 4.6 also includes x86 support for Android – you can now select FAT, x86 or ARMv7 as a build target. This will allow you to export for ... Подробнее

Ноябрь 26, 201458

Getting Started as a Contributor to our Open-Source Projects

Unity and Open-Source Last month at Unite, we announced our Open-Source initiative, where we will be opening the source to various componen... Подробнее

Сентябрь 16, 201416

More Open-Source Initiatives from Unity

Our community is full of users who rely on Unity -- whether it be for work, for play, or both. Knowing that, we’ve been thinking about new w... Подробнее

Август 20, 201452

Katana: Leveraging Open-Source Tools for Continuous Integration

For a few years, Unity has used TeamCity from JetBrains for automated building and testing.  As the R&D team grew here at Unity, the dem... Подробнее

Июнь 2, 20148

Linux Publishing in Unity 4.0

It's Na'Tosha from Team Penguin Pushers here, and in case you missed the news, Unity 4.0 has been released -- with a publishing option for L... Подробнее

Ноябрь 22, 201228

Introducing Humble Indie Bundle 6 . . . featuring Rochard!

Hey! It’s your resident Penguin Pushers here, and we’ve got some exciting news! Humble Indie Bundle 6 is launching today, featuring Rochard:... Подробнее

Сентябрь 18, 20128

Unity 4: Linux Publishing Preview: What, How, and Wherefore

Hi, we’re Na’Tosha and Levi, a couple of the developers responsible for Linux publishing in Unity 4. We’ve seen that you’re happy about Unit... Подробнее

Июль 3, 201283

Build Engineering and Infrastructure: How Unity Does It

Hello!  I'm Na'Tosha and I'm the Build and Infrastructure Developer here at Unity Technologies.  While speaking with users at the awesome U... Подробнее

Октябрь 21, 201117