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Kenney’s tips for the Unity 2D Challenge

+1 21 ноября, 20183

Kenney’s collection of 40K+ pieces of public domain 2D and 3D art has enabled countless projects to take shape. We asked Kenney, who is curr... Подробнее

The 2D tool that’s changing how levels are built

22 января, 201812

Unity 2017.2 brought the Tilemap tool and with it, a major workflow change to many 2D developers. And they report that it makes an incredibl... Подробнее

Running with ideas at Hack Week XII

26 мая, 20173

As I approach the main hall where Unity Hack Week XII is happening, I pass small breakout groups having intense discussions in French, Dutch... Подробнее

3 ways hit games stand out in the market

23 ноября, 2016

What makes a game stand out in a crowded market and skyrocket to success and popularity? Quality, innovation, timing, PR, marketing, network... Подробнее

Three ways to raise money for your game

8 августа, 201610

Creating a game is no easy task, but most people who undertake this mission are motivated by a passion and love of games. Raising money for ... Подробнее