Автор публикаций Pierre Yves Donzallaz

Harness the Ray Tracing capabilities of Unity’s HDRP with NVIDIA

+1 25 января, 20213

We are excited to announce Unity will be presenting the latest Ray Tracing features found in the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) in a... Подробнее

Explore, learn and create with the new HDRP Scene template

7 января, 202110

We are excited to share our brand-new template for the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), which helps beginners get started with multi-... Подробнее

How to set up Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline for high-end visualizations

9 января, 202017

Prior to Unite Copenhagen in September 2019, Unity collaborated with Lexus and its agency Team One to showcase a real-time car configurator ... Подробнее

Create high-quality light fixtures in Unity

5 февраля, 201922

We’ve just published a comprehensive expert guide (PDF) on advanced techniques to create high-quality light fixtures for real-time applicati... Подробнее

Spotlight Team Best Practices: Setting up the Lighting Pipeline

28 августа, 201813

Unity offers several rendering pipelines, two Global Illumination systems, four Lighting Modes, three Light Modes, two Shadowmask Modes, etc... Подробнее