Автор публикаций Rune Skovbo Johansen

Feature highlight: Improved workflows for editing Prefabs in Unity 2020.1

11 августа, 20203

In Unity 2020.1, you can enter Prefab Mode without leaving the context of your scene. The new default means that when you open a Prefab Asse... Подробнее

Developing the new input system together with you

12 апреля, 2016111

UPDATED August 2020: The Input System is now is now verified for Unity 2019 LTS and later. See this page for up to date information. UPDA... Подробнее

A Primer on Repeatable Random Numbers

7 января, 201520

If you're creating anything procedural, you're almost guaranteed to come in need of random numbers at one point. And if you want to be able ... Подробнее

In the Labs: Custom Build Configurations

2 октября, 201447

"In the Labs" is a series of blog posts that put focus on features that have been prototyped internally but are experimental in nature and a... Подробнее

Overview of the New UI System

28 мая, 2014112

The UI Team here at Unity has been hard at work getting the new UI system ready for release in Unity 4.6. While there’s still more work left... Подробнее

Automatic Setup of a Humanoid

7 февраля, 201324

The humanoid animation option in Unity 4 makes it possible to retarget the same animations to different characters. The characters can have ... Подробнее

Semantic Game Builder Interface to be Integrated Into Unity

1 апреля, 201224

Unity Technologies today announced a new feature under development aimed at aiding game developers bring their visions into reality. The ... Подробнее

Kongregate Unity Game Contest Winners!

9 марта, 20112

The winners of the  Kongregate Unity Game Contest have been found! The Kongregate Unity Game Contest with prizes worth a total of $25.000... Подробнее

Kongregate Unity Game Contest!

29 декабря, 201011

Submit a Unity game to Kongregate by Feb. 15, 2011 and you can win $10,000! Kongregate is now finally open for Unity games! To celebrate, w... Подробнее

New Character Animation / 3rd Person Shooter Demo

11 февраля, 20107

At Unite '09 Paulius Liekis and I did a presentation on Character Animation Tips & Tricks. We discussed a range of animation techniques ... Подробнее

New UnityAnswers Community Site

16 ноября, 20096

Unity keeps growing in every respect; not least our user community. The Unity Forums get more and more users and we welcome them all! Som... Подробнее

Building Buzz for Your Game

5 октября, 20094

We see new games being made with Unity at an ever increasing rate. A lot of them get picked up by the gaming media thanks to the sprawling c... Подробнее

Summer of Code: Detonator Framework Released!

17 сентября, 200932

This blog post is written by Ben Throop who has been working on a Detonator framework to generate great-looking explosions in Unity games. T... Подробнее