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The way small independent studios create

Август 3, 20188

We’re continuously blown away by all the original, imaginative, and often ridiculously fun games created by independent developers using Uni... Подробнее


Июль 22, 201514

Как отметил во время пленарного доклада Unite Europe Лукас Мейер (Lucas Meijer), модели взаимодействия с VR, которые установят стандарты в б... Подробнее

The freedom to create your own kind of beautiful

Июль 17, 20157

It thrilled us to see so much high-quality, cross-platform content on display at Unite Europe. Iestyn Lloyd and Adam Simonar were two speake... Подробнее

From camping in the classroom, to a real game dev studio

Июль 3, 20137

The following post was written by Steffen Kabbelgaard, CEO of indie studio BetaDwarf. At the end of this post you can watch a short video in... Подробнее

Commercial success with Unity’s free technology and tools

Май 28, 201311

We recently chatted with a couple of indie customers who released successful commercial content with the free version of Unity and the Basic... Подробнее

How four indies conquered Kickstarter Part II

Май 12, 2013

Last Friday we published Part I of our story on how four indie customers successfully funded their games with Kickstarter. Part I focused ma... Подробнее

How four indie teams got funded with Kickstarter: Part I

Май 3, 20134

The current Kickstarter landscape is crowded with spectacular successes and a fair share of dashed hopes. Launching your own funding project... Подробнее

Three Ninja Camp VII projects at a glimpse

Декабрь 7, 201250

Our longest running Ninja Camp wraps today. After the crunch of the Unity 4 release, our developers got  three weeks to jam on awesome new p... Подробнее