Автор публикаций Timoni West

Labs Spotlight: Project MARS

Октябрь 2, 20199

Project MARS, Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio, is a new Unity toolset specifically designed to help our creators make better spatial expe... Подробнее

EditorXR and SceneFusion Update

Ноябрь 21, 2017

Since we first released the pre-alpha of EditorXR in December, we’ve been hard at work refining, collaborating, and experimenting. Today we’... Подробнее

EditorVR Contest Submissions Now Open

Март 14, 20176

At GDC, we announced a contest to find the best tool built for EditorVR, and submissions are now open! We’re looking for the most useful to... Подробнее

Introduction to Unity’s EditorVR

Март 21, 2016

At Labs, one of our primary VR projects is building out Unity’s functionality for work in VR HMDs, which we’ve dubbed EditorVR. Work is unde... Подробнее