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Introducing The Fabricator Contest!

1 сентября, 201022

MuseGames.com & Unity Technologies are teaming up for a new bi-monthly Unity "Prefab" based contest called The Fabricator Contest! The c... Подробнее

Save the date for Unite 2010!

14 июля, 20108

Yup, you read that right, it's that time of year again, the time to get yourself ready for this year's edition of our annual developer's con... Подробнее

Pre-Order Unity Android, Get a Google Nexus One!

24 июня, 201032

You're probably wondering whether you're reading the title right and for 500 of you, you are! Today we put out a press release offering up s... Подробнее

The first Unity 3.0 pre-purchase betas are now shipping!

23 июня, 201022

Today is an exciting day for all of us here at Unity Technologies as we're now shipping pre-release beta builds of Unity 3.0 to the first 10... Подробнее

Unity Turns 5, Happy Birthday!

7 июня, 201050

In 2003 three talented and creative individuals came together in Copenhagen, Denmark based on a shared vision about making their own game en... Подробнее

Unity Tech signs a three-year deal with LEGO!

8 февраля, 20108

As y'all know the user base for Unity is exploding and that growth includes developers across the spectrum, from games to non-games, from sm... Подробнее

Author once, deploy anywhere?

22 января, 201015

(далее…) Подробнее

Unity Asset Server 2.0 Released!

23 декабря, 20095

The Unity Asset Server can now be hosted on Windows! (in addition to Mac OS X and Linux as before) The Unity Asset Server can now be hoste... Подробнее

Kongregate.com now supports Unity content!

16 декабря, 200912

The news, the great news, just keeps on coming! Recently the folks at Kongregate.com announced their new Konduit Platform and one of the coo... Подробнее

Happy Holidays from Unity Technologies!

12 декабря, 20094

Hey folks, the end of another incredible year is rapidly coming to a close and the holiday season is fast upon us, and we here at Unity Tech... Подробнее

iTunes Rewind 2009 Recognizes Unity Games!

11 декабря, 20094

Apple recently put out their iTunes Rewind 2009, it's Apple's way of recognizing the best music, TV, movies and of course iPhone application... Подробнее

Unity Content Featured in iLounge Buyer’s Guide!

5 ноября, 2009

Earlier this week iLounge released their 2010 iPod + iPhone Buyer's Guide and a number of Unity titles are featured in their top games list!... Подробнее

2009 Unity Awards — Finalists & Winners

2 ноября, 20096

Now that we're clear of the frantic week we call Unite 2009 let's talk about the also incredible Unity Awards! Once again we had a huge incr... Подробнее