Автор публикаций Oleg Pridiuk

Unity at Gamescom: the true community spirit

28 августа, 20144

Gamescom 2014 in Cologne was a 335000 visitor show with business and consumer areas. What area do you think Unity belongs to? Both actually!... Подробнее

White Nights: breaking the conference rules in Russia

11 июля, 20145

White Nights is a marketing and networking (no, not the TCP/IP based :)) conference that takes place in the cultural capital of Russia: the ... Подробнее

Call for all the best Unity game videos

2 февраля, 201178

Do you want your awesome demo video shine at the Unity GDC booth? Well, that's easy if... You made a good looking game with Unity for an... Подробнее

iPhone Multiplayer Tutorial

21 апреля, 201022

Hey guys! Take a look at this one - a new tutorial to showcase the new multiplayer  options in Unity iPhone & iPad. (далее…)... Подробнее

Unity iPhone 1.7 is ready for your iPad games

6 апреля, 201016

With more than 300,000 iPads sold on Saturday and 1,000,000 apps downloaded during Easter weekend, you must be getting eager to get your app... Подробнее

Unity iPhone is almost ready for your iPad games

22 марта, 201012

Unity iPhone can now build for Apple iPad! We're still in beta testing but rest assured that we're working as hard to make this release avai... Подробнее

Unity iPhone 1.6 has left the building!

5 марта, 20102

Yes, it's exactly that mysterious build that adds generics support, enables multiplayer for iPhone and noticeably shrinks final binary size.... Подробнее