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Doing a Talk at GDC Europe tomorrow.

Август 17, 20097

Hi guys & gals. I'm giving a talk about the inner workings of immediate-mode GUIs at GDC Europe tomorrow (in Cologne). Looking forwar... Подробнее

Vancouver Unity TGIF & Skills Workshop — My trip report…

Август 1, 20095

After a crazy week featuring not one but three separate events crammed into the span of one week (plus this past week of travel and catching... Подробнее

Casual Connect Seattle — My trip report…

Июль 30, 20095

I've been lucky enough to attend every Casual Connect conference in Seattle and without fail this year's event was as awesome as ever. I'm q... Подробнее

Unity Summer of Code Takes Off

Июль 22, 200927

Two weeks ago we announced our Unity Summer of Code program through which we offer indie & student developers the chance to get paid for... Подробнее

Unity Summer of Code

Июль 7, 2009

We here at Unity Tech draw inspiration from a variety of sources, some come from within, others from outside, this one definitely came from ... Подробнее

Unity + GDC Trip Report

Март 31, 20094

Man, what a week! GDC '09 has now slipped past us and slowly we're recovering and getting our heads back above water. I thought I'd take a f... Подробнее

Unity Community Online Gaming: Round 1

Февраль 27, 200914

I suppose that this may technically be round number 2 as we tried this once already, but we had short notice (even shorter than this round) ... Подробнее

Casual Connect Hamburg — Trip Report!

Февраль 16, 20091

(далее…) Подробнее

Casual Connect in Hamburg

Февраль 9, 20091

Me, Tom Higgins and Joe Santos will be driving off to Hamburg in a couple of hours (and staying through Thursday). See you at our booth at C... Подробнее

GameDeveloper Front Line Awards — vote for Unity!

Ноябрь 4, 2008

It's time once again for the 11th annual GameDeveloper Front Line Awards and Unity is a candidate in the Engines category! There are six cat... Подробнее

Unite ’08, what a conference!

Октябрь 28, 20083

Wow, all I can say is wow. Last week was intense to say the least as we not only held Unite '08, our second ever Unity developer conference,... Подробнее

Unite 2008 update: Phil Harrison to speak!

Октябрь 10, 20081

It's been an exciting year for us at Unity Technologies and it's only getting better. Not only are we on the doorstep of the release of our ... Подробнее

Belated Austin Wrap-Up

Сентябрь 30, 2008

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