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Made with Unity Showcase Roster @ Unite ’16 Los Angeles

27 сентября, 20163

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Showcase!  We're excited to announce the roster for the Made with Unity Showcase at Unite 16. Li... Подробнее

Introducing Women in Gaming: College Series

1 сентября, 20165

Every day at Unity we’re working to make the industry we love one that’s more inclusive and representative of 52% of the people who play gam... Подробнее

Unity & OGA Partner to Increase Speaker Diversity

12 августа, 20163

We are happy to announce the launch of a speaker database and event resource WISER - Women in Software & Entertainment Representation. Th... Подробнее

2016 Unity Awards Open Submission Has Begun

10 августа, 20161

It’s pretty easy to be gluttonous with games given the absolute Smörgåsbord of amazing projects from the Unity community this year. We’re lu... Подробнее

Unity Developer Day — Mexico 2016

3 августа, 20167

What better way to unveil a new Unity event than with our incredible community in Mexico? We were thrilled to host the first-ever Unity Deve... Подробнее

Dispatches from the frontlines: Pixelles @ GDC

2 августа, 2016

It’s no secret: we’re passionate about getting more women into gaming and empowering the ones who are here. While we’ve kicked off our own t... Подробнее

Made with Unity Showcase at Unite 16 & The Revamped!

19 июля, 20167

Made with Unity has been a really bright spot for us for many reasons this past year. It’s invigorating for all of us to really see just how... Подробнее

Top 5 reasons to present at Unite ’16 in Los Angeles

11 июля, 2016

Time to step up and take center stage! We’re looking for speakers who can share tips, tricks, insights and stories about their experiences w... Подробнее

Now available: Unity Certification & Courseware for academic institutions and educational programs

27 июня, 20163

This week at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference 2016, Unity was very excited to announce that Unity Cer... Подробнее

Overcoming bias to become better leaders

23 июня, 20164

What we learned at the Women in Gaming Workshop San Francisco As you might know, today marks National Women in Engineering Day, a moment to... Подробнее

Connect, Engage, Discover at Unite 2016 Los Angeles

8 июня, 20164

Unite 2016 is this year’s most important gathering of artists, developers, designers, producers, publishers, training providers and enthusia... Подробнее

Women in Gaming workshop series begins, join us in San Francisco!

7 июня, 20166

We recently hosted the first of five workshops in our Women in Gaming series in Amsterdam and I thought I’d share some of the takeaways. Thi... Подробнее

Unite Europe ‘16 Keynote Previews New Services & Tools

31 мая, 20163

Unite Europe 2016 is off and running! We’re excited to spend the next three days learning, networking and connecting with the community here... Подробнее