5 Unity powered iPhone games in TOP100 right now!

23 сентября, 20097

Thanks to you guys, having an iPhone game made with Unity topping iPhone chart sales is no surprise to anyone. But do you know that there we... Подробнее

EA’s Greg Rinaldi Talks Unity

21 сентября, 20091

ShogunGamer's Corey Rollins did a great interview with EA Tiburon's Greg Rinaldi about his team's experience using Unity to create Tiger Woo... Подробнее

Unity User Meetup Tonight in Austin

17 сентября, 2009

Just a quick announcement to say that our users have organized a gathering of Unity developers in downtown Austin at 8pm tonight (Thursday) ... Подробнее

Unite ’09 tickets now on sale!

17 сентября, 20093

We're happy to announce that tickets to this year's Unite '09 conference are now on sale! This year's event is a bit different than the prio... Подробнее

Summer of Code: Detonator Framework Released!

17 сентября, 200932

This blog post is written by Ben Throop who has been working on a Detonator framework to generate great-looking explosions in Unity games. T... Подробнее

GDC Austin 2009 Day 1

17 сентября, 20094

A group of us are here in Austin TX representing Unity at the Game Developers Conference Austin. The show floor just closed for the day and ... Подробнее

Rock, Paper, Shotgun interview with Nicholas Francis

8 сентября, 2009

Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Jim Rossingol recently did a great interview with our very own Nicholas Francis about the history of Unity and "makin... Подробнее

«Touch Phases» Example iPhone Project

5 сентября, 20096

I decided to clean up the Touch Phases project I had from a while back and post it to our iPhone example projects. You can now record and pl... Подробнее

Unite ’09 Call for Speakers

5 сентября, 20095

Some time ago we've announced our third Unite conference. The conference will have many Unity employees, as well as Unity users, giving p... Подробнее

Summer of Code. It’s a wrap!

1 сентября, 20097

During the last six weeks, the selected participants for Unity's first Summer of Code program have been working hard at making the ideas fro... Подробнее

Snow Leopard’s 64-bit Safari and Unity

25 августа, 200933

Update: We have released Unity 2.6.1 on December 2nd this year, which includes an update to the Mac Unity Web Plugin, which is fully compati... Подробнее

Unity iPhone 1.5 Released!

25 августа, 200910

Today is very exciting for us because we've just released a much anticipated update to our iPhone development platform -- Unity iPhone 1.5. ... Подробнее

Summer of Code: Progress of Detonator framework

24 августа, 200911

This blog post is written by Ben Throop who is working on a Detonator framework to generate great-looking explosions in Unity games. The pro... Подробнее