Augment your spaces with Vuforia Engine

21 апреля, 20206

Vuforia 9.0 is here. The latest release lets you easily create immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences for large environments with Area... Подробнее

Hundred Soul: How Hound13 created a stunning mobile ARPG with Unity

21 апреля, 20204

In January 2019, a Korean indie studio Hound13 launched Hundred Soul as a mobile-only, action role-playing game (ARPG) in Korea. After over ... Подробнее

Unity 2020 events update

20 апреля, 202011

In our Unite Now blog post a few weeks ago, we announced that Unity would not be hosting a physical event this year. Instead, Unite 2020 wil... Подробнее

Supporting educators in a changing world

16 апреля, 20201

In a rapidly changing landscape, the need for students to acquire computational thinking skills is great. At Unity, we’re committed to empow... Подробнее

Spring Sale highlight: Protofactor on the art of Asset Store publishing

15 апреля, 20206

Find your new favorite assets during the Spring Sale, happening now at the Asset Store. Get 50% off over 500 tools, complete project packs, ... Подробнее

Learn to save memory usage by improving the way you use AssetBundles

+1 9 апреля, 202014

Whether your application streams assets from a content delivery network (CDN) or packs them all into one big binary, you’ve probably heard o... Подробнее

Build times: Get the details

9 апреля, 20209

Updated BuildReport API in Unity 2020.1 beta gives more details about the build times of your project, breaking them down to the asset level... Подробнее

The 2-year support for the first LTS release, 2017.4, ends in April 2020

+1 8 апреля, 202021

Unity 2017.4.0 was released on 20th March 2018. It was our first Long Term Support (LTS) version and a significant shift in how we support U... Подробнее

Artists’ best practices for mobile game development

7 апреля, 20207

Our partners at Arm have put together a series of in-depth guides to help technical artists and game developers optimize their game art and ... Подробнее

Unity 2020 roadmap: Recapping the tech and solutions coming this year

6 апреля, 202025

A lot is happening at Unity this year, and we’re excited to share some of the highlights. So grab your favorite beverage and dive into this ... Подробнее

Introducing a new way for you to connect 1:1 with Unity community experts

3 апреля, 20204

We launched Live Help so that anyone – whether a beginner or an advanced Unity user – could get help with Unity on demand. Live Help lets yo... Подробнее

How real-time 3D (RT3D) experiences are transforming global industries

2 апреля, 20201

From its roots in gaming, real-time 3D’s impact now extends across dozens of industries. A new study sheds light on the state of adoption of... Подробнее


We’re bringing Unity to you: Unite Now starts April 14

1 апреля, 202019

Introducing Unite Now, a digital programming series of talks, demos, Q&As and stories – all available on your favorite device. For you. ... Подробнее