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Building large scale cloud infrastructure using shared components

6 февраля, 20194

As Unity Ads engineering team, we got invited to the DEVOPS 2018 conference in Helsinki in December 2018, to present how we have approached ... Подробнее

New year, new Ad formats

24 января, 20193

In October, we released our most comprehensive monetization solution to date, Monetization SDK 3.0. It’s the first SDK we’ve released that g... Подробнее

Unity’s Operate Dashboard: How to measure, monitor and optimize your free-to-play game for success

12 октября, 20185

As a game developer, your ultimate goal is to create an innovative, engaging, and fun experience for your players. This process requires not... Подробнее

Unity releases Google advertising for developers

+1 7 августа, 201815

Everyone loves something new. New ad formats, new advertisers, and new content means more options to create something unique and engaging. W... Подробнее

Interactive VR ad achieves higher emotional response than traditional formats

13 декабря, 2017

Advertisers, at their core, are storytellers. And VR is the most powerful storytelling medium ever created. Users can be transported into an... Подробнее

Game of Sites: Unity Between Five Kingdoms

30 августа, 20174

Prologue In the beginning, there were many houses. Though they began life at the same time, they were in different parts of the land, and t... Подробнее

Zynga & Unity: Exclusive Rewarded Advertising

2 августа, 20173

Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls - the future of in-app advertising is with Unified Auction. Zynga goes exclusive with Unity We’re thrilled to ... Подробнее