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Introducing Sherman (Part 2) — a Unity project featuring Real time fur, HDRP and Visual FX Graph for animators

11 июня, 201921

Created by the Emmy-winning team that brought you Baymax Dreams, Sherman is a new real time Unity short that delivers the most advanced real... Подробнее

ADAM: The evolution of Alembic support in Unity

4 декабря, 201742

Read how ADAM’s facial mocap and cloth simulation got into Unity, producing highly realistic CG humans, all rendered at 30 FPS in real time.... Подробнее

Progressing Beyond Pre-Render: The MARZA Movie Pipeline for Unity

6 сентября, 201611

The wonderful artistry we see in CG films often masks an expensive, expansive and tedious grind behind the scenes. Using traditional renderi... Подробнее