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Unity Developer Day — Live from the Field

9 августа, 20192

The Evangelism Team works year-round to bring you the latest and greatest content from Unity, especially at our Developer Days. A Unity Deve... Подробнее

With a qualified expert to assist you, Unity Live Help makes learning easy

6 августа, 20199

We’re excited to announce Unity Live Help (Beta), our new platform for one-on-one lessons. Read on to learn how Unity Live Help can help you... Подробнее

Community Component – Soft body physics, shaders that deform space, Norman’s Island and our Steam wishlist

1 июня, 20193

Get ready to be hypnotized by the jiggly magic of jello, inspired by inception-like effects and motivated to publish your next game. Welcome... Подробнее

Lyra: Behind The Rookies

10 мая, 20194

The Rookies is a community platform and online global contest that enables students to share their work with the world. Last year’s winner o... Подробнее

Will Wright’s Proxi Art Challenge Winners

28 июня, 2018

Will Wright’s Proxi Art Challenge tasked artists to turn their personal memories into 3D game art, and with over a hundred outstanding submi... Подробнее

Global Game Jam 2018: Bringing the community into our offices

2 февраля, 20186

Every year, we are inspired by the creativity and community focus that comes out of jam sites around the world. This creativity inspired us ... Подробнее

Empowering Creators — Community Summit 2017

19 июня, 20172

We’ve just recently wrapped up our first Unity Community Summit here at our San Francisco office with a handful of our amazing community mem... Подробнее

Video games: a matter of life and death?

19 августа, 201610

In May of 2006, the then 11-year-old boy, Taylor Carol, was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, and the doctors predicted that he had tw... Подробнее

Unity Developer Day — Mexico 2016

3 августа, 20167

What better way to unveil a new Unity event than with our incredible community in Mexico? We were thrilled to host the first-ever Unity Deve... Подробнее

Dispatches from the frontlines: Pixelles @ GDC

2 августа, 2016

It’s no secret: we’re passionate about getting more women into gaming and empowering the ones who are here. While we’ve kicked off our own t... Подробнее

Как растить и развивать ваше игровое сообщество

4 июля, 20164

Отвечая за активности Unity в социальных медиа и форумах, я и моя команда постоянно встречаем людей, которые сталкиваются с трудностями в пр... Подробнее

Unity Launches a Series of ‘Women in Gaming’ Workshops

11 мая, 201638

We have some exciting news to share! While talking internally about programs that would empower women and encourage participation in the gre... Подробнее

Новый отчет исследует будущее монетизации мобильных игр

6 апреля, 201628

Новый отчет Unity под названием «Внутриигровая реклама без ошибок: монетизируй, вовлекай, удерживай» показывает, что любые предубеждения, ко... Подробнее