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19 ноября, 201522

Что именно стало доступно как open source? Функции мультиплеера можно разделить на низкий и высокий уровни. Низкий уровень – транспортный, ... Подробнее

Getting Started as a Contributor to our Open-Source Projects

16 сентября, 201416

Unity and Open-Source Last month at Unite, we announced our Open-Source initiative, where we will be opening the source to various componen... Подробнее

More Open-Source Initiatives from Unity

20 августа, 201452

Our community is full of users who rely on Unity -- whether it be for work, for play, or both. Knowing that, we’ve been thinking about new w... Подробнее

Katana: Leveraging Open-Source Tools for Continuous Integration

2 июня, 20148

For a few years, Unity has used TeamCity from JetBrains for automated building and testing.  As the R&D team grew here at Unity, the dem... Подробнее

Linux Publishing in Unity 4.0

22 ноября, 201228

It's Na'Tosha from Team Penguin Pushers here, and in case you missed the news, Unity 4.0 has been released -- with a publishing option for L... Подробнее