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Архивы тегов: Photogrammetry

The power of photogrammetry: Simulating the real world in VR

1 августа, 20195

Get a behind-the-scenes look at a project made with Unity from Varjo, who used photogrammetry and dynamic lighting to create a realistic and... Подробнее


Creating Assets with Photogrammetry using a rotating surface

11 марта, 20198

Photogrammetry empowers you to create realistic high-fidelity assets at speed from everyday objects. By placing a variety of small objects o... Подробнее

Photogrammetry in Unity: Making Real-World Objects into Digital Assets

12 марта, 201822

Photogrammetry is the process of using multiple photos of the real-world objects to author game-ready assets. It’s best suited to objects th... Подробнее

Experimental Feature: De-Lighting Tool

7 июля, 2017

Photogrammetry is becoming more and more popular in the CG industry. Being able to use a regular camera as a powerful 3D scanner opens an ap... Подробнее

Exquisite City

29 мая, 20156

For the last four years, Belgrade, Serbia, in the middle of April has been the place to meet for new media artists and creative coders from ... Подробнее