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Unity 2020.1 beta is now available for feedback

17 марта, 202047

Discover what’s new in profiling tools, graphics, Editor workflows and more. Try out the new features and let us know what you think on the ... Подробнее

Introducing the Profile Analyzer

+1 13 мая, 201915

Have you ever needed to compare the difference in performance between two versions of your project? See the impact of an asset or code chang... Подробнее

Quality Week 2019

22 февраля, 20192


Testing Test-Driven Development with the Unity Test Runner

2 ноября, 201817

Test-driven development (TDD) is the practice of writing automated tests for a piece of code before writing the code itself. In this blog po... Подробнее

Performance Benchmarking in Unity: How to Get Started

25 сентября, 201813

As a Unity developer, you want your users to love playing your games, enjoying a smooth experience across all the platforms they may play on... Подробнее

How to test Unity in a week?

20 августа, 20189

That is the question we constantly face as Quality Experts in Sustained Engineering. Every week we release two new minor versions of Unity w... Подробнее

New Best Practice Guide — Memory Management in Unity

27 июня, 201825

Here in Enterprise Support, we get to help out on many projects, with all kinds of combinations of Unity features. What we see is that 10 ou... Подробнее

New plans for Unity releases: Introducing the TECH and Long-Term Support (LTS) streams

9 апреля, 201835

At GDC, we announced our new plans for Unity releases, which include what will be known as the TECH stream and the Long-Term Support stream ... Подробнее

Compiler Test Framework

4 января, 20183

Unity, as you may know, helps you build for many different platforms, be it consoles, computers, mobiles or XR. In order to do this, it uses... Подробнее

A look inside: Scenario testing for Unity 2017.2

31 октября, 20172

Unity 2017.2 released earlier this month and we in QA are happy to share some results of our latest scenario test week. Previous testing ses... Подробнее

Handling your bug reports

24 октября, 201722

No software releases without bugs. And while our QA is working hard to find as many bugs as possible, some of them still go under the radar.... Подробнее

A look inside: Core Foundation team and improving Unity’s testing practices

21 июля, 20176

Pictured above: Me (right) fighting a developer (left) about our testing practices and standards. As a Software Developer Engineer in Tes... Подробнее

A Look Inside: Asset Store Bash, upgrade testing using Asset Store packages

3 июля, 20175

Asset Store Bash is one of the major test phases performed as part of every major Unity release. It has two main purposes: Testing ... Подробнее