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Debugging memory corruption: who the hell writes “2” into my stack?!

25 апреля, 201680

Hi, my name is Tautvydas and I’m a software developer at Unity working in the Windows team. I’d like to share a story of debugging an elusiv... Подробнее

Final Release for Unity 4.x

17 декабря, 201524

We are happy to ship the final version of 4.6, which is now called 4.7.0. This is the rollup of all previous patches 4.6.9p1 to 4.6.9p4 and ... Подробнее

Enterprise Support — Solving Hard Problems

14 декабря, 201512

One of Unity’s core values is that we like to solve Hard Problems™. Hard problems come in many shapes and sizes, from how to implement new f... Подробнее

Mocking, faking, and stubbing C++

25 ноября, 201510

Here’s a look at a new approach we're trying for doing unit testing in a huge C++ legacy codebase that is largely hostile to testing. We th... Подробнее

План выпуска пакетов исправлений Unity

16 сентября, 201594

Наш роадмап уже опубликован. Мы хотим ознакомить вас с планом еженедельных обновлений и ежемесячных выпусков нашей командой поддержки. Паке... Подробнее

The Unity Assertion Library

25 августа, 20157

Unity 5.1 shipped with a brand new Assertion Library. In this post, we will explain what an assertion is and how you can use it to improve r... Подробнее


17 августа, 201524

Прошло полтора года после предыдущего разбора инцидентов. Нам нужны были актуальные данные, поэтому мы делаем это снова. Уточним терминолог... Подробнее

The platoon of manual testers at Unity — Software Test Engineers team

8 июля, 20157

Hello everyone, my name is Agnieszka Loza, I’m one of the QA Leads at Unity. I’d like to present to you the Software Test Engineers team (ST... Подробнее


26 июня, 201510

Это история о том, как мы используем  Unity Cloud Build внутри и как это решение может облегчить вашу жизнь, а также жизнь ваших пользовател... Подробнее

Security Update Coming for Web Player

6 июня, 201516

Following the discovery of a security issue in the Unity Web Player plugin that can allow an attacker to use a victim’s credentials to read ... Подробнее

A report from The Inaugural Annual Unity Test Engineering World Congress

17 апреля, 2015

The past few months were really busy for the Software Test Engineers team. We were all working hard on upcoming releases and the day-to-day ... Подробнее

Testing the Audio Mixer

12 февраля, 20155

Some of you might be wondering what a Software Test Engineer actually does. Testing is a creative process, where the most important delivera... Подробнее

Unity at the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference

16 декабря, 201411

In the last week of November the Unity QA team attended the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference in Dublin, Ireland. I attended to talk abou... Подробнее