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Unity’s new partnerships bring verified solutions to developers across industries

+1 20 июня, 20194

Agora, Bose, Genvid, SideFX, and Unit040 join Unity’s new Verified Solutions Partners – a collection of third-party SDKs, plugins, cloud ser... Подробнее

Announcing the release of Unity Integrations

7 декабря, 20187

Unity Integrations lets you connect key Unity services to popular productivity and communication tools like Slack, Jira, and Discord. It’s a... Подробнее

Game of Sites: Unity Between Five Kingdoms

30 августа, 20174

Prologue In the beginning, there were many houses. Though they began life at the same time, they were in different parts of the land, and t... Подробнее

What this cool cat can teach you about mobile free-to-play games

15 августа, 201730

The Unity R&D Content team’s latest demo is a complete free-to-play (F2P) mobile game, which makes full use of more Unity features, like... Подробнее

From game hobbyist to thriving mobile game studio

25 октября, 201611

Majid Khosravi had been a gamer his whole adult life. Developing software was just something he did for a living. That is, until he began to... Подробнее

Лучшие практики использования видеорекламы с наградой за просмотр

20 апреля, 201611

Новое исследование “Внутриигровая реклама без ошибок: монетизируй, вовлекай, удерживай”, в создании которого приняли участие более 2000 разр... Подробнее

Новый отчет исследует будущее монетизации мобильных игр

6 апреля, 201628

Новый отчет Unity под названием «Внутриигровая реклама без ошибок: монетизируй, вовлекай, удерживай» показывает, что любые предубеждения, ко... Подробнее

Ad engagement sending Futureplay’s revenue through the roof

14 марта, 201610

“Our success wouldn’t have been possible without Unity’s great tools," says Jami Laes, Co-founder and CEO of Futureplay while looking back o... Подробнее

An introduction to advertising

20 января, 201520

Welcome to the big bad world of advertising. As a game developer, advertising can be a little overwhelming. How do I make money? How do I ac... Подробнее

Welcome Playnomics to the Unity Family!

18 апреля, 20145

We’re incredibly proud of our engine and development tools. We’re so pleased with where they are and where they’re going, that it would be e... Подробнее

Announcing Unity Games Publishing

20 сентября, 201310

Making phenomenal games and supporting talented developers--that’s what Unity Games is about. Unity has empowered game creators like never b... Подробнее

Online Services take your games to new heights

27 сентября, 20129

  It’s always exciting to announce a new service or product, and certainly there has been no shortage of enthusiasm with the introdu... Подробнее