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Augment your spaces with Vuforia Engine

21 апреля, 20206

Vuforia 9.0 is here. The latest release lets you easily create immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences for large environments with Area... Подробнее

Automotive advantage: Vuforia Model Targets

1 февраля, 20196

There are seemingly limitless ways Augmented Reality can bring value to a variety of different industries. From interactive maintenance inst... Подробнее

Vuforia in Unity: Build cross-platform AR apps

15 января, 201833

Unity 2017.3 offers out-of-the-box support for Vuforia 7. Developers can build cross-platform AR apps that blend 3D graphics with all types ... Подробнее

Breaking into AR with Vuforia: A Unity creator shares practical advice

21 декабря, 2017

Learn how John Keefe and his AR studio, Draw & Code, developed a wonderful new kind of toy, get access to a comprehensive Vuforia in Uni... Подробнее

Get started developing AR Apps with Unity and Vuforia

8 декабря, 201613

At Unite ‘16 Los Angeles we announced a collaboration with PTC to Integrate the Vuforia Augmented Reality platform with Unity. Using advance... Подробнее