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Announcing Kinematica: Animation meets machine learning

For years, I’ve been working on a challenging question: what if you could create your game without worrying about building complex animation... Read more

June 20, 201834

Unity 2018.2 beta: What’s new

The recently launched Unity 2018.1 marks the start of a new cycle that will enhance Unity’s core technology. It is built upon the early stag... Read more

May 7, 201837

Animation Instancing – Instancing for SkinnedMeshRenderer

As developers, we’re always aware of performance, both in terms of CPU and GPU. Maintaining good performance gets more challenging as scenes... Read more

April 16, 201845

Setting the standard for excellence: Unity Certifications for Technical Artists now available worldwide

We have created the only advanced professional certifications for Technical Artists in the games industry. Register here to take the exam! ... Read more

February 8, 20186

Introducing the Simple Animation Component

Or, what am I supposed to do with Animation Playables? Ever since they were introduced as experimental in 5.2, Playables have been myster... Read more

November 28, 201722

Unity 5.5 is ready for you

Every release is a big moment, and we’ve spent months on this one polishing these new features to help you deliver great games and experienc... Read more

November 29, 2016155

Building for Reuse – Mecanim on ReCore

A dog, an ape, a spider, and a human woman walk into a game together... and there we hit our first problem; getting them all to walk. ReCore... Read more

October 11, 201613

In Beta – Animation Window workflows

As part of Unity 5.5 beta, we're happy to announce changes to our Animation window that improve workflow and iteration times, as well as in-... Read more

September 19, 201633

Progressing Beyond Pre-Render: The MARZA Movie Pipeline for Unity

The wonderful artistry we see in CG films often masks an expensive, expansive and tedious grind behind the scenes. Using traditional renderi... Read more

September 6, 201611

Adam – Animation for the real-time short film

I am Krasimir Nechevski, and I am the animation director in Unity’s demo team. Even though I have a degree as a software engineer, I have be... Read more

August 31, 201616

Unleashing Animation and Audio

Wayne Johnson and I have presented the Playable API at GDC 2016 and we would like to share with you what we have talked about. The Playable... Read more

April 13, 201621

Universal Fighting Engine: Building a business on the Asset Store

Daniel Esteves is an Asset Store publisher who is all in. His assets are not a byproduct of his game development process. He actually enjoys... Read more

October 9, 201411

Shiny new animation features in Unity 5.0

The animation team has been working hard to pull together an impressive feature set for Unity 5.0. Here’s a quick overview of the new animat... Read more

June 26, 201459