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DirectX 12 on Xbox One now available with Unity 2018.3

December 26, 20189

DirectX 12 is the latest version of Microsoft's graphics API designed to enable a reduction of driver overhead, allowing better use of multi... Read more

Deprecating DirectX 9

July 10, 201735

We will be removing support for DirectX 9 on the Windows platforms; as a result Windows XP will no longer be supported by default. When wil... Read more

Staying ahead with DirectX 12

January 22, 201537

Last year at GDC Microsoft announced DirectX 12. During yesterday's Windows 10 media briefing, Phil Spencer of Microsoft mentioned that Unit... Read more

Unity 4: DirectX 11

July 13, 201219

In Unity 4 we are offering you the chance to start working with some of the advanced features made possible by DirectX 11. In this video, Re... Read more