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Breaking into AR with Vuforia: A Unity creator shares practical advice

December 21, 2017

Learn how John Keefe and his AR studio, Draw & Code, developed a wonderful new kind of toy, get access to a comprehensive Vuforia in Uni... Read more

Building a true free roaming VR experience

November 27, 20176

You move carefully, scanning each window for signs of activity as you make your way through the abandoned city. There’s a sudden movement in... Read more

Made with Unity Showcase at Unite Austin 2017

September 14, 20172

First, a big thank you to everyone who submitted to our Made with Unity Showcase at Unite Austin 2017! Our goal was to pick unique games of ... Read more profile and story creation is moving to Unity Connect

August 8, 20173

Two years ago, we launched as an online destination for our community to share the amazing games, projects, and experimen... Read more

EVO Highlight – Icons: Combat Arena by Wavedash Games

July 17, 2017

Wavedash Games, a studio that has their foundation in the grassroots scene of platform fighters, are developing their first title, Icons: Co... Read more

Calling Unity Creators: Be a part of Sundance 2018

July 15, 20171

Many Unity creators have achieved critically acclaimed success by participating in the Sundance Institute’s New Frontier Exhibit. Never hear... Read more

Made with Unity games win at the 2017 Apple Design Awards!

June 8, 20171

Each year, the most beautiful and innovative apps from the App Store are considered for Apple’s prestigious Design Awards. Many amazing proj... Read more

Unity devs shine on Switch

March 3, 201717

It’s here! Today we're celebrating the launch of the Nintendo Switch - Unity’s newest target platform that is now available for purchase. Wi... Read more

3 ways hit games stand out in the market

November 23, 2016

What makes a game stand out in a crowded market and skyrocket to success and popularity? Quality, innovation, timing, PR, marketing, network... Read more

Björk + Unity: The Makings of Live Mocap Press Conference

October 18, 20167

The innovative artist and musician Bjork wanted to launch her Bjork Digital exhibit in London at the end of August. The catch? At the same t... Read more

Global Illumination in ReCore: Our Work with Microsoft & Armature

October 4, 201616

It’s no secret: we love hearing from our developers. From feature requests to feedback, the community helps ensure that Unity is always impr... Read more

Cognitive Implications of Widespread VR (2/3)

May 16, 2016

Second of a three-part series based on the talk: Cognitive Implications of VR, at Vision Summit February 2016. The first article can be foun... Read more