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More animation, faster: Studio Gale on how Unity accelerated TOMONCAR production

February 13, 20204

In its quest to release 60 animated episodes of TOMONCAR in a single drop, Studio Gale was determined to streamline processes and make its p... Read more

Unity at Sundance Film Festival 2020

January 7, 20205

In January of 2020, real-time storytellers will be able to dazzle and inspire the Sundance Film Festival audience with immersive creative ac... Read more

Unite Los Angeles: 2016 Unity Award Winners Announced

November 2, 20168

Developers from around the globe came to Unite Los Angeles last night to honor the winners of this year’s Unity Awards. This year’s winners ... Read more

Three ways to raise money for your game

August 8, 201610

Creating a game is no easy task, but most people who undertake this mission are motivated by a passion and love of games. Raising money for ... Read more

The Made with Unity Developer Story Contest

June 15, 20162

We’ve seen some amazing stories since the launch of and learned about some amazing upcoming projects that may have otherw... Read more