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Support for Android App Bundle (AAB) in Unity 2018.3 beta

Larger apps and games convert fewer Google Play store visits into installs. This is because users are conscious of using up storage on their... Read more

October 3, 20188

Unity releases Google advertising for developers

Everyone loves something new. New ad formats, new advertisers, and new content means more options to create something unique and engaging. W... Read more

+1 August 7, 201815

How ARCore enables you to create brand new types of user interaction (Part II)

In Part I of our ARCore series, we shared some creative ideas on how you can use capabilities like light estimation to unlock new forms of u... Read more

+1 April 6, 20181

Meeting Google Play requirements in the future

Earlier this week Google announced important changes to the Google Play requirements: target API level 26 (Android 8.0 Oreo) or higher will ... Read more

December 20, 201711

Linear Rendering Support on Android and iOS

One of the new features in Unity 5.5 is linear rendering on Android and iOS. With linear rendering, you're sure that the inputs, the outputs... Read more

December 7, 201622

Just in time for the holidays – How to get the most out of currency sales

Rewarded video ads can be an effective way to generate revenue for your mobile game. In fact, if you design ad implementations well and offe... Read more

December 7, 20164

How Game Hive keeps on buzzing – and experiences real success

Game Hive has been pioneering the new era of mobile gaming since 2008. Starting with just two co-founders, Game Hive has now grown into a th... Read more

July 12, 201611

How Next Games unlocked the secret to ad success

'You can’t put ads in a battle builder,' Next Games' peers told them. 'No one’s ever done it and it will never work.' This was the general m... Read more

May 19, 20164

10000 Update() calls

Unity has so-called Messaging system which allows you to define a bunch of magic methods in your scripts which will be called at specific ev... Read more

December 23, 201576

Take mobile games to TV with Google Cast

Enable Google Cast Remote Display for your game and players can view it on their TV. In fact, they can even use their device as a game contr... Read more

December 3, 20157

Android Themes in Unity

For an introduction into Android themes and styles, feel free to refer to Google documentation: Read more

July 16, 201512

Making Your Mobile Game a Success. Part Four: Building Community

Meeting with a success on mobile is ultimately about your players, which means serving a community is of prime importance. Here three studio... Read more

May 27, 20151

Making Your Mobile Game a Success. Part Three: Acquiring Users

In the latest in our series of blog posts bringing you insights from Unity users that have thrived in the mobile space, top developers share... Read more

May 8, 20157