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Compiler Test Framework

Unity, as you may know, helps you build for many different platforms, be it consoles, computers, mobiles or XR. In order to do this, it uses... Read more

January 4, 20183

A look inside: Scenario testing for Unity 2017.2

Unity 2017.2 released earlier this month and we in QA are happy to share some results of our latest scenario test week. Previous testing ses... Read more

October 31, 20172

Handling your bug reports

No software releases without bugs. And while our QA is working hard to find as many bugs as possible, some of them still go under the radar.... Read more

October 24, 201722

A look inside: Core Foundation team and improving Unity’s testing practices

Pictured above: Me (right) fighting a developer (left) about our testing practices and standards. As a Software Developer Engineer in Tes... Read more

July 21, 20176

A Look Inside: Asset Store Bash, upgrade testing using Asset Store packages

Asset Store Bash is one of the major test phases performed as part of every major Unity release. It has two main purposes: Testing ... Read more

July 3, 20175

A Look Inside: Evolving Automation

In my previous blog post, I explored Unified Test Runner (or simply UTR) and Hoarder. In short: UTR is a single entry point we use to run al... Read more

June 15, 2017

A look inside: Bug Bash – Find them all!

For a long time, we had Exploratory Testing weeks (ET weeks) as one of the major test phases on every Unity release. The whole QA group woul... Read more

March 23, 20179

The story of Crash Analyzer: The quest of automating crash handling at Unity

My name is Igor and I am a Toolsmith at Unity, which means I am part of the team that build tools to increase productivity of Devs and QA in... Read more

March 7, 20178

A Look Inside: Scenario Testing at Unity

As outlined in the Unity Engine QA Process blogpost, every Unity release goes through a number of test phases before it is released. Here I ... Read more

January 3, 201722

Unity Sustained Engineering Release Plan

Seasons greetings to you all! We promised in 2016 that we would support 5.3 as a stable release for a year. Your feedback showed that it was... Read more

December 22, 20166

Graphics tests, the last line of automated testing

There are dozens of platforms you can deploy to with Unity. It can be difficult for us developers at Unity to maintain visual integrity on a... Read more

December 21, 201613

A Look Inside: The Path to Trunk

Getting changes to our mainline source repository (aka trunk) has never been easy, but the problems scale with the amount of people trying t... Read more

October 17, 201631

A look inside: The Quest for Green Automation

One of the hardest things to achieve in any software development process is having an almost always green set of automated tests. Just like ... Read more

September 8, 2016