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I learned programming on an Amiga 500. Some lowlevel stuff with copperlists, sine and cosine lookup tables and a line drawing algorithm to get a rotating box on the screen.

Some people think that’s cool.

It’s not.

It sucks.

Today, if you’re young (or old) and want to learn how to make a computer do something cool, things look better. You can learn faster and make more, cooler stuff in less time.

Unity embodies that transformation.

Anybody with $200 and a willingness to learn can make a game that I couldn’t have imagined when I was making my rotating box.

I’ve had the opportunity to become part of this transformation: I have joined Unity.

To allow you to make better games. To remove more pain from your game development process. To make game development possible for even more people. To make game development become like painting and writing: something anybody can do, good or bad.

A bit about myself:

I started Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam, but left for a job in games faster than you can say “Dijkstras algorithm”. For the last ten years, I’ve been a freelance game programmer working on games for Lego, Intel, Paramount, Cartoon Network, Adobe, Arplant, and many others.  Adobe Director was my tool of choice for most of those ten years.  Director 8.5 (first version with 3d) was a great product, way ahead of its time. Unfortunately nobody noticed, and no significant features got added as a decade passed.  At the Game Developers Conference ’08, I went to say hi to Tom Higgins at the Unity booth. Joachim Ante gave me a demonstration, and had a good answer for every “but does it do X?” question I fired. I was pleasantly surprised. From that point on I switched tools. Out with Director, in with Unity. I kept a blog as I switched tools at I’ve gotten to know the Unity team in in that process, and as time progressed, it seemed a good idea to everybody involved if I’d join the team.

I’m working on whatever makes Unity more successful, which includes a fair amount of programming.

— Lucas Meijer (, twitter: lucasmeijer )

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Good for you and good for unity. Looking forward to seeing great stuff from your collaboration.

I wouldn’t belittle your early efforts on an Amiga 500. Without programming, a modern computer is no better than a vintage one. I cut my teeth on a Commodore 64 – writing 3D software. It was great fun. It didn’t suck at all. Indeed you don’t even need any computer to write code. You can write it with pencil and paper. Mozart wrote algorithms for generating music way before music synthesisers had any physical existence. And the programs of tomorrow are being written today for quantum computers that don’t yet exist.

Good luck with the new job, Lucas. You are one of the most talented 3D game developers around, glad to know you are at a place where your experience can help others.

Congratulations Lucas! Funny- I thought you were already part of the team. I’ve associated your name with Unity for months.

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This is great news. I have followed your blog since you first picked up Unity3D. I pray all the best in this new chapter of your life. :)

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