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We would like to share a little Video showing some of the new Image Effects in action.

Demoteam out.

[vimeo clip_id=”12500504″ width=”640″ height=”360″]

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Pretty nice guys.
Again, awesome work!
Tanks for your time and support!

You say that the sun shaft effect is applied to a skybox. So with this, is it possible to create the following: Have your camera inside an interior, with a window that has some horizontal blinds in front of it. Then have the sun shafts realistically shine through the gaps between the blinds into the interior.

Or will this require a point/spot light placed nearer to the outside of the window?

Is motion blur still done by rendering N times a time slice (yum) or is it now a post effect based on speed vector ?

@Psychoz: gotta ask demo team to work on that, I’m not writing much shaders these days :) But really, all you need is someone who knows shaders. There’s nothing that needs internal access to Unity code to do that; all you need is some shaders & some scripts. Of course, writing them could be hard; but it would be just as hard for us as for you.

Hey Aras,
Could you work later on (3.x) on volumetric lighting shader?
We are dying for it. This could be a very powerful complement to your new lens/shaft shaders. Our games lighting will be a lot better and more dynamic!
Cant wait to start playing out with Unity3 beta.
Very nice/awesome work!

@Alex: cloud shadows = light cookie on a directional light. Create a directional light, set it’s cookie to something that looks like cloud shadows, animate the light position. Voilà, cloud shadows! This has been possible since Unity 1.0.

@Alex: I’m fairly certain that is a simple skybox in the video. So in that particular scene the clouds would not have shadows.

I will tell you that even in 2.x I’ve been able to impliment quasi-volumetric shadow casting clouds with relative ease. That is the beauty of Unity. You can create any weather effects/systems you wish.

@Demo Team: Great work on the new effects. Scraping together my funds for a pre-order :p

Wonderful! Great work, thanks!
I noticed that in “Depth of Field” example the reflections of the further mills weren’t blurred because of depth of field.

Will the clouds cast shadows? What about sky and weather features?

Looks amazing, Unity is really starting to mature as a platform. I cant wait to play around with these effects when 3.0 comes out.

Okay…how in the WORLD do you all do this stuff? It’s simply amazing what you’ve done with the technology available to you, and made it available at such an affordable price to people.

You must have hired the most brilliant people money could buy, which doesn’t make sense because your product is extremely affordable for what’s in it, or you hired gnomes with magic computers to help you.

Seriously though, amazing work. You all never cease to amaze. I can’t imagine what you will do next.



@Hamzeh: I think that should be possible even with Unity 2.x. Would require a little bit of work, but all it needs is to render light shape in 3D, calculating light emission/absorption integral over the volume. In other words, you need scene’s depth texture and a somewhat complex pixel shader to calculate this effect.

Great work, It looks amazing.
I’m always looking forward to seeing new tutorials uploaded to unity website (never enough of nice tutorials).
Will these tutorials be freely available for downoad when unity 3 ships ?

Awesome work! I love the rays, the internal lens flares and the depth of field particularly. Can’t wait

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