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Unity was in full effect at the Made in Brighton games conference yesterday – getting a mention right off the bat in the first talk. The south coast town has become a Mecca for games developers and digital arts with it’s beguiling beach life, hipster hangouts, and daring developers.

Hosted in the magical Brighton Ballroom, and sponsored by Natural Motion Games the event kicked off with  Nick Baynes who was on hand to talk about balancing creative endeavour and commercial reality, at new studio Big Bit, one of the many success stories coming from the ashes of Disney’s Black Rock Studios (of Pure and Split Second fame)

Next talking from Zero to happy studio in a little over 60 seconds was Jason Avent, fresh from the exciting buyout of their new start up Boss Alien after inaugural title CSR Racing garnered a record $12m in it’s first month. Giving out some ‘Salt water fudge’ (!?!) to the audience and talking through some of the finer points of freemium based business models – he attracted at least our interest, if not all our money when the ‘pay what you like’ bag of fudge turned up at the end. With both developers thus far using  our development platform it was definitely Unity FTW…



Although not presenting on stage, the excitement could barely be contained amongst the staff of Mad Atom who’s Unity title Monkey Slam was released on the App store during the conference and gathered momentum throughout the day:



Continuing on stage David Amour of Relentless and James Marsden of Futurlab contributing presentations on exciting interactive TV projects with Microsoft and clever publicity tricks for your game, respectively, before a special guest panel was quizzed by Simon Parkin and an excitable audience. As the sun set again on Brighton beach all decanted to the pub for the debrief,  mixer and practice run for the Brighton Industry Drinks the next night …long live Brighton, long live Unity! Cheers!