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Today we are announcing that Unity 5.6 will be the last release to ship with 32-bit builds of the editor for Windows.  Read on to learn more about our reasoning behind this decision, and for further details on what to expect.

For some time we have been thinking about when would be the right time to deprecate and ultimately end support for 32-bit versions of the Unity editor.  Two years ago, the arrival of the 64-bit editor let most users deal with previous resource constraints and memory limitation issues; however there are still legacy 32-bit native plugins that keep some users behind.  Even with that, it won’t come as a surprise to many to learn that usage of Unity on 32-bit Windows is pretty low compared to other OSs, and furthermore that it has been declining over the past few years.  Additionally, as this OS continues to age, our cost of supporting it continues to rise.

We already knew that usage of Unity on 32-bit Windows was low, but naturally we wanted to back up any decision to drop support with hard data, so we dived into our telemetry database in order to extract and analyse statistics on a couple of fronts:

  • Comparing overall editor starts between 32-bit and 64-bit, we confirmed that use on 32-bit has declined steadily from 6.2% 12 months ago to 4.7% today.
  • And if we look at the number of unique users on each type of build for the last 30 days we see very similar numbers: just 5.6% on 32-bit.

Having had the numbers confirm our suspicions we wanted to reach out to the community to get a feel for the reception we would get from dropping support for 32-bit Windows editor.  Overall the feedback was very positive:

  • We ran a poll on our forums and out of 471 votes, only 11 (2.7%) were cast in favour of the 32-bit editor.
  • No concerns whatsoever were raised on our Alpha users’ group.
  • On our Beta users’ group the feedback was also largely positive, with some of you even surprised that we still had a 32-bit editor build!  One noteworthy issue was raised, concerning the fact that that some users are running custom 32-bit only plugins for Unity, and would have to either update those plugins or stay on the final 32-bit version of the editor.  Of course, our plan was always going to include a timetable for transition, more on this later.

Overall the data and sampled user sentiment are compelling enough for us to call time on support for 32-bit Windows editor, which as mentioned earlier is starting to become more and more of a burden to maintain. 

So what happens next?

Editor for Windows 32-bit will be included in Unity 5.5 and in 5.6, but not in future mainline releases.  All 5.6 patches and roll-ups will of course continue to include it, and we are fully committed to providing full support for 32-bit Windows throughout the 5.6 lifetime.

I use 32-bit plugins, what are my options?

32-bit plugins for legacy hardware appear to be the one potential sticking point for some users, but it is therefore worth highlighting that they will still work with the 32-bit player, which will continue to be available beyond 5.6: it is only the 32-bit editor build that will be going away.  Also worthy of mention is the fact that Vuforia, one of the most popular plugins on 32-bit, is now available for 64-bit.

I use the 32-bit editor, what are my options?

Users running editor on 32-bit Windows will simply need to consider whether to stay on 5.6 (or earlier), or will need to plan to convert to 64-bit in the coming months.

We hope that this announcement gives our users of 32-bit sufficient time to consider their options and make plans accordingly.

Edit: A previous version of this post mistakenly suggested the Linux Editor would be in the official 5.6 release.

28 replies on “End of support for 32-bit editor for Windows”

As a native plugin developer this is welcome. There’s always been a lot of cruft attempting to deal with the differences especially in the editor.

Obviously it’s about bitness and not userbase, but it’s sort of amusing that there are more 32-bit Windows users than total OSX users… (91.8% Windows… 14.3% on 32-bit Windows means 13.1% of all users are on 32-bit Windows versus only 8.2% on OSX)

Sorry to say that but 64bit capable systems are in consumer hands for more than 10 years. Also 32bit Windows don’t support 4GB of RAM properly which basicaly makes any sophisticated software like Unity, 3D Max, etc. barely useable.
Even if you are working in school environmnet where is always too much bureaucracy and too little money, you can stick to Unity 5.6 which will be fine for teaching for at least year or two after it’s release.

I’d love to use the 64-bit version of 5.6 on my laptop, but unfortunately it doesn’t work, while the 32-bit version does. I hope the next version will get a bit more QA so I might be able to use it!

Sadly, it got removed. The disclaimer says “Edit: A previous version of this post mistakenly suggested the Linux Editor would be in the official 5.6 release.”

Dangit. I was really looking forward to use Unity in Linux finally.

No offense, but you might have wanted to send out an actual mass email pointing users to the poll before jumping conclusions. Having a poll with less than 500 results when Unity itself has hundreds of thousands of active users is not a good sample or indicative of the true results.

The poll wasn’t the only thing… They are able to track download statistics and user’s Unity editors checking for updates. So they know the general install base. Why are you still using 32bit? Your computer is likely capable of 64bit.

Probably a minor portion part of that 4.7% are just extra “second old PC” for experimenting and testing in the weekend.

A huge portion of those using 32bit editor can likely upgrade to 64bit though. There really isn’t much reason you should still be on 32bit in this day and age.

Bye bye 32. I Hope that users you are talking about can afford a 300usd PC 64 bit. + OS 64 bit + extras…

Schools aren’t professional developers. They don’t need to be using the latest version of Unity to teach students about game programming.

Whoops, that other reply was meant for DM below. Guess hitting a second REPLY button doesn’t actually change the target… Anyways, 300USD is almost nothing if you’re thinking of developing a game… And your Windows serial key works for both 32bit and 64bit version, no need to buy another.

When I said most people could upgrade, I meant that they most likely already have a computer capable of 64bit, but they only have Windows 32bit installed for whatever reason. But regardless, progress shouldn’t be slowed down just to try and be inclusive of a very tiny percent of users… It’s not fair to the 99% of other users.

Also, there’s the fact many of those users were likely staying on 32bit because of Vuforia being 32bit only for so long. Now that it isn’t, they can finally upgrade. Unity needs all the resources it can to advance development, holding on to 32bit is a massive waste of resources.

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