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Create iconic worlds with high-end art content from the Unity Icon Collective

, November 15, 2018

Whether a beginning solo creator or a small team of industry veterans, we’ve heard a growing need from the community for high-quality art content on the Unity Asset Store to help them fulfill their AAA aspirations. For many smaller developers creating high-end art content is difficult, which is why we decided to partner with leading artists in the industry to create the Icon Packs, premium modular art assets designed to enable creators to build and expand new worlds.

Introducing the Unity Icon Collective

Column 1: Callum Tweedie Walker – Environment Artist, Muzifal Mokhtar – Character Artist, Glen Gathard & Steve Whetman/Pinewood Studios – Sound Design; Column 2: Johnson Ting – Icon; Column 3: Nathan Cleary – Music, Cyrus Lam – Animator, Matteo Grossi – Cinematic Artist

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Unity Icon Collective, a collaborative partnership with leading game-industry veterans, Asset Store publishers, partners and Unity, formed to create AAA-quality, game-ready assets for you – the Unity community.

The Unity Icon Collective consists of artists and publishers from the Unity community who have been hand-picked to produce high-quality assets ranging from characters and environments to art and animation.

Icon Packs are flexible, modular, and they have everything you need to create AAA-quality projects. These packs are professionally produced by industry artists with experience working on AAA games such as Assassin’s Creed and Gears of War.


Learn more about Yggdrasil – Icon Pack

Introducing Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil – Icon Pack

Based on the work of concept artist Johnson Ting, the Collective’s first release will be an asset package set in a sci-fi universe called Buried Memories, which is home to a machine civilization that emerged from a significant earth-altering event. The Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil – Icon Pack is available for pre-order today.

Buried Memories is an episodic series built around an IP which sets the stage for a unique narrative and lore. Volume 1: Yggdrasil is the first volume in the series. We will continue to add new content to expand the universe of possibilities within the narrative and theme of the Buried Memories series.

This first pack contains a complete environment, a professionally rigged and animated character, shaders, textures, lighting, audio, and source files. In addition to the Icon Collective team, we also collaborated with several Asset Store partners, including Quixel, Pinewood Studios, Substance, and Rokoko, to incorporate professionally produced materials, textures, animations and sound.

Check out the page linked below to learn more about the team, the project, and to pre-order Yggdrasil – Icon Pack. A limited-time offer of bonus animations and skins will be provided to all pre-order purchasers.

Create stunning game worlds with high-end modular art content

Our vision with the launch of the Unity Icon Collective is to continue to democratize development for Unity developers by providing access to flexible, high-quality art assets, which often cost studios tens of thousands of dollars to produce. We want to ensure creators from across the world have access to high-end, AAA content while giving new opportunities for publishers to advance their skills and grow their income.

Image of photogrammetry scanned environment assets from Quixel’s Lava field biome used in Vol 1: Yggdrasil.

For this project we collaborated closely with Quixel Megascans, the world’s largest library of scan content, who provided us access to beautiful photogrammetry scanned environment assets from their Lava Field biome to integrate within the scene. Alongside our custom models, this pack provides a wide array of high-quality art content for you to use in any of your projects.

Community-driven content

Example of the environment design for Yggdrasil – Icon Pack.

With the Unity Icon Collective, we’re committed to building a team of talented artists, animators, and designers from across the globe and providing them an opportunity to flex their creative muscles while also earning supplemental income.

These aren’t simply worlds we’re creating in a silo; they are entirely new IP’s we’re inviting the community to help us build. In December, we will release the first Icon pack and our team will publish a list of guidelines and specifications for building Icon-compatible art, so publishers and creators in the community can contribute their ideas to expand these worlds.

We’re excited to announce that we’re also providing existing and future Icon Packs for free to high-quality Asset Store publishers who are interested in building compatible content or want to showcase their tools or plugins. If you are an Asset Store publisher, you can apply to receive Icon content below.


Learn more about Icon for publishers

Creating Icon-ready art content

We’ll be inviting publishers and artists from the community to produce Icon-ready content that matches the quality and style of these packs. We’ll also be publishing content, webinars, and additional material to help educate publishers on how they can build this content. Our goal is to create a rich library of stylistically consistent and high-quality AAA art content for creators to use in their projects.

Publishers who create Icon-ready content will be promoted across our existing channels, will receive a badge for qualifying assets, and will have an opportunity to join the Unity Icon Collective to continue working on exciting new content we plan to release periodically in the upcoming year. We’ll be releasing more information soon about how to submit content and join the Collective.

Let’s celebrate!

We’re celebrating the launch of the Unity Icon Collective and Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil. As part of the celebration, we’re making Volume 1 available for free to eligible Unity Pro subscribers.

We hope you enjoy using these assets in your projects and we can’t wait to see the amazing experiences you create.

Buried Memories is just the beginning

We’re partnering with other iconic industry artists to create new episodic series covering a range of genres and styles. Each new IP will include a unique narrative and backstory to help you easily build and expand on these worlds.

Take a look at the Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil web page to get a taste of what’s coming and to pre-order the first Icon Pack today.


Pre-Order Vol. 1 Yggdrasil – Icon Pack

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No any concrete info or screenshots, nice. But huge info on developers, this is more important, yeah . I was scammed already in unity store, and I couldn’t return money because all deals are final (Unity Store EULA). I wouldn’t do this again. And if you check other comments you will see that I’m not alone.

How can I preview the animations included in the character pack? I wouldnt drop $99 without seeing what I am buying first.

I’m confused why it’s called Icon Pack when it doesn’t contain.. icons…
.^. I mean I kinda get that they mean that the people working on it are.. iconic? But since icons as in.. actual 2d icons are such a mainstream term in this indrustry this is a misleading name.

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One of the best sites in recent times that we have come across

had the same thought , i don’t care who made it , i want to know what i m paying for sadly , unity become more about glorifying the people rather than about the stuff they want to sell … you can clearly see that through they making of videos …every time i get exited about them in hope to learn from them but they end up promoting the people rather than talking about the products

info ? just short description , i want to see videos and screenshots not just a concept picture and when i wrote my comment that link didn’t work correctly

This is cool, though the main limitation I’ve run up against is quality particle FX packs. Models, animations, textures, and sounds I can buy on a thousand different websites, at all quality levels, because they’re interoperable with most software. Particle effects are not, for a variety of reasons. As an indie developer, a larger focus on quality particle effects packages would be most welcome.

This is an awesome idea and a revolution on the community driven content creation. I can feel the amount of thought that went into this and kudos to all the team that made that reality. Also, big thumbs up on the collaborators who created the content!

We, at SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs, can’t wait to get access on the program, not only to create audio assets for the style, which we loved, but also to use the content to showcase our Unity audio tools.

We’re so excited!

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