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Unity’s Cloud division is chartered with providing top-quality cloud-based services to our community of developers around the world! From our bug and crash reporting service to Unity Collaborate, our Cloud team is committed to making game development easier for our users. In this Faces of Unity post, we feature Luc Barthelet, Unity’s new General Manager for the Cloud division! Though new to Unity, Luc will head up the growth of Cloud services through improvements to existing and creation of new products and services. Read on to learn more about Luc!

What do you do at Unity (or what will you do)?

I am the general manager of the Cloud Services team at Unity. As such, I’ll be focused on building upon the existing Cloud Services teams’ work and improving the services and products we currently have out to our users.

What do you envision your day-to-day to look like?

Right now, I’m still onboarding, getting to know Unity employees, and beginning to build a strategy for how Unity will meet the needs of our customers in terms of providing cloud services. It’s only been a few days, so check back with me in a few months!

Where were you before joining Unity?

Previously, I worked at EA as VP of Technology and was the General Manager of Maxis where we created SimCity 3000 and The Sims. I was also CEO of several startups. In fact, few people know this, but one of my startups was the very first acquisition EA made! I was also Director of WolframAlpha, which is included in Siri.

However, most recently I held the incredible job of Captain of my sailing catamaran. My family and I just completed circumnavigating the globe (1.5 times). That experience taught me so much about people and cultures – all things I want to bring to my role at Unity.

What made you join Unity?

It’s as simple as this: I love the product. Unity is so much to so many different people and I’m excited that I get to be part of it. I have met a lot of very smart individuals who work at Unity and the company’s reputation is nothing less than stellar. I’m really looking forward to working alongside these people to help build and create things never seen before.

If you could complete one goal while working at Unity, what would that be?

If I could complete one goal while I’m at Unity, it would be to create services that enable our users to do things that they have not even thought of yet. So much of what Unity creators want to do is currently so impossible that it is almost unthinkable. We want to build things that make the impossible possible.

What is your favorite made with Unity game/film/experience and why?

My favorite is the sample Tanks game, but the reason may surprise you. Tanks is actually a great game for kids who want to know more about gaming, computers, and programming. Through it, I can start to explain basic game concepts, introduce Unity, and demonstrate how easy it is to build something similar. It is like opening a gearbox and explaining how things are connected. It is magical to witness a child learn how to build the same game they were just playing. It’s very impactful.

If you’re interested in joining Luc and the rest of the team at Unity, check out our careers page or join us on Unity Connect.

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Found my way here on a search for SimCity 3000 related content to be honest. Glad to see Luc is doing well!

1.5x circumnavigating word, very impresive. Nice to see Untiy still going forward and forward, keep up the GREAT work!

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