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The excitement of the holiday season is all around us. It’s in the ambient festive buzz. The queues at the shops. The crowded flights, trains, and buses to everywhere. The last-minute preparations at home to welcome in guests and the new year. 

Frankly, that sounds exhausting. So we’ve prepared a bit of a holiday binge-watching break: four videos from our M&E sessions at SIGGRAPH that you can use as your excuse to get away for an hour and “work” in the other room. 

These four sessions dig deep into our film, television, and animation workflows. Our experts and guest speakers cover M&E-focused real-time tools, features, and techniques such as:

  •     controlling in-world cameras for virtual production
  •     syncing across multiple systems in real-time production
  •     procedural tools for environment building
  •     creating episodic TV series

Cinemachine 3.0: New features in Unity for film and games

If a new virtual camera system is on your list, Unity’s Adam Myhill will show you how the latest Cinemachine features can make your wishes come true. His demo includes the goods on Technocrane filmic camera rigs, a CM 3.0 DOTS preview (with support for tens of thousands of active cameras), insight into hybrid procedural/keyframe cameras for virtual production, an intro to the Mixer camera module, and a preview of the new Reactor module for driving games.

Synchronize real-time production with Unity + Glassbox

It’s the season for sharing. In this session, Jannes Nagel, senior lead engineer at Glassbox, demonstrates how Glassbox’s BeeHive technology synchronizes projects over multiple machines. This technology enhances real-time collaboration on your VR projects by letting all users view the history and properties of every DCC asset (such as ones created in Maya). Real-time sharing is caring. 

Unity at MPC Film: real-time set dressing with Diorama

Deck the halls of your 3D world, too. Our friends from MPC share how to rapidly create environments for film in real-time using Diorama, giving you both the technical and artistic perspectives. Powered by Unity and part of MPC’s Genesis toolkit, Diorama leverages the speed of procedural tools to accelerate workflows and retain artist control.

Creating episodic TV shows with Unity: Hero Dad Case Study 

Go behind the scenes of Hero Dad, a 3D animation comedy made in Unity. Nathalie Martinez, the founder of Wise Blue Studios, discusses the processes, advantages, and potential for creating compelling, high-quality episodic animation using real-time tools in Unity, drawing examples from this animated series that’s a heart-warmer in any season.

Get caught up

If you missed learning about our latest tools and innovations at SIGGRAPH 2019, catch up on them now during the holidays to see how you can start using Unity in your film and television workflows in the New Year.