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It was really exciting to see John Riccitiello, our CEO, on stage today at Google i/o with Clay Bavor as they walked through the details about their new Daydream VR product.  We believe that Google shares our vision of democratizing development, and ultimately democratizing VR, which is what makes our partnership so exciting. 

Furthermore, we think mobile is going to be a key part of that, which is an easy conclusion to reach just by doing the math. With an installed base of around 3 Billion in 2016, mobile devices are already dwarfing the 1.5 Billion PCs.  That makes Daydream particularly interesting from a mass market perspective and it very smartly fits into our strategy of creating a platform that allows any developer to create once and publish everywhere.

You may have heard us talk about the “gap of disappointment,” or the slower than suspected start to VR adoption/content this year. Daydream, as well as other platforms like Samsung’s GearVR are going to help drive what we ultimately think will be massive adoption of VR globally on the scale of Billions of people 10 years out. That’s no small number, and we believe it will be just that big.

We also announced today that we will be supporting Vulkan, and plan to give early access to developers in Q3 of this year.  We’re committed to solving hard problems for our developers, and we believe these announcements are aimed at doing just that.  In the end, we want people to create amazing experiences that will delight consumers across the globe.  It’s an amazing journey we’re on, go out and dream, then use Unity to bring those dreams to life.

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Instead of pimping more and more new stuff (theoretical/future) support, what about you fix the glaring issues you have right now, regarding VR on Android for example:
-Crashes on most android devices with recent unity versions
-Anti aliasing crashing in VR on most Android devices with most recent Unity versions
-in cardboard/google vr deploy, since 5.3.4P2 (and still the case for ALL patch releases since then and even with the very latest 5.3.5) worldspace UI is not showing up at all and hence UI is completely not usable in unity cardboard/google VR apps.

Sorry, but this level of Major issues really making deploy a complete no go makes one really wonder if Unity is even testing a single deploy to each of their “supported platforms” at least once for every release.

How come you can tout VR support and then UI does not show and AA can’t be used (which makes VR look shite). Come on..

[…] Unity Technologies released further information on that support via its blog, adding: ‘we will be supporting Vulkan, and plan to give early access to developers in Q3 of […]

Vr adoption hasn’t been fast. But as the headsets get lighter, higher res, it will become mainstream. Imagine something closer to a pair of sunglasses with 8k in each eye, I’d wear that all day long. Wearing a halo helmet to watch the resolution of a 40 ft tall CRT monitor? Meh.

I’m really excited you guys are working on Vulkan. When you guys say it will be available for early access in Q3 does that include Windows and Linux, or just Android? Thanks! :)

Someone should tell the marketing fellas at Unity that the slogan “democratizing game development” is long worn out, meanwhile more and more devs see the downsides of the extremes of this approach.
The engine being available free for indies may sound like a good thing up front, but it has lead to the quality level of the engine going MASSIVELY downhill over the last year.
Tell me which is the last version of Unity which allows stable and well working deployment to all platforms unity is meant to support. Easy: None.
And even just the major ones like iOS, Android and main consoles in stable and well performing form?
Even that is sadly long ago.
The overall performance/framerate has gone done immensely with Unity 5 and it is again going down with every dot release since.
People are moaning more and more about unstable releases and worse becoming performance.
What does Unity do?
Release “stable” versions next to betas/patch releases, sadly they are again neither stable nor well performing.
And yeah, they also release an Adam video, which is supposed to show the rendering powers.
hooray, we can make something awesome looking running sorta ok on a highend computer.
Oh, it uses many image effects, ok, what about the point that on mobile it doesn’t even run acceptable with only one render effect running?

And here comes the hype for daydream, while at the same time with 5.4B18 apps deployed to android with VR enabled insta crash on most devices…
Sorry Unity people, but you have to fix the performance and stability, especially on mobile, else Unity will become a sad joke and you completely untrusted.

Well, 5.3.4 is pretty stable. I could not find any major bugs. I didn’t even notice the decrease of performance. Are you using PBS shaders? I found Unity5 to be much faster on mobile. And, yeah, are you really expecting photorealistic Adam to work on mobile?

Wether Unity acts (semi) stable and well performing mostly depends to which platform one deploys at this point.
See the many threads in the Unity forums about constantly worse becoming performance from build to build since Unity 5.0, especially on Android, but not just there.
And no, i don’t expect something as complex in whole as the Adam demo to run on mobile anytime soon, but at the same time it doesn’t make much sense that something like that is pushed and promoted while at the same time Unity has major performance degradations on several of it’s main target platforms.
(Not even to speak of lots of physics, lightmapping and UI things broken since the switch to Unity 5).

And anyone who thinks the performance has gotten better overall with Unity 5 probably hasn’t used it much on low end hardware like mobile devices since.
On mobile devices, EVERY project we had ran better on U4.x than 5.x. Sadly forced to using 5.x for more and more since no support for newer OS versions and apis and features anymore with 4.x.

But the unified gl core stuff performs worse, IL2CPP deploy makes apps way bigger and deploy times way longer and performance tweaks done on a few ends seem to only be done in theoretical isolated test cases instead of real projects where lots of objects are constantly created and destroyed or pooled in complex hierarchies and so then those “optimisations” working against complex hierarchies act as performance downers.

Same regarding things done to streamline things in the engine which then leads to things like no direct accessors and instead many getcomponent calls, just to give one example

Man, I don’t agree with a single point of yours. Unity comes with huge set of platform-specific tools. If you want decent FPS on phones than put some more effort apart from clicking “Switch Platform”. If you do want PC graphics on WP than I think you have game design issues.

Making the engine free was the best step Unity’s ever made. The huge swarm of developer community is the biggest lure for potential Pro clients (more money > better quality of the engine). Have you noticed that Unreal Engine was also made free after Unity was? I think this makes a point.

Now android is a huge platform and Unity Beta apps crashing on most of them is of lack of publishers’ QA quality right? And again, it’s BETA.

Yea, Unity does struggle with changing requirements of the platform providers but I do believe it’s the best engine there is today.

Yes, i still think Unity is the best engine today for me and many others, too, but right now mostly because i’m not into coding in C++ or using blueprints as only alternatives..
Unity itself sadly has become less and less reliable, meanwhile i’m always important things will break with the newest release or patch update, on one platform or all.
Sadly meanwhile sometimes one only notices things got broken for a specific platform deploy after having already worked on the project in a certain new unity version and then one can’t go back other than by throwing away all that work since meanwhile Unity even between dot versions has many breaking changes so that one can’t downgrade the project even to lower dot version anymore often.
For example i just tried this yesterday where again something was broken in 5.3.4P3 in one project (and even worse on many ends in later patch releases), so i wanted to downgrade to 5.2.1 but no go, because then all shaders and many other things are broken and throw errors because the auto updater has “upgraded” those things to make them not work in 5.2.1 anymore.
This type of unreliability and unstability and worse becoming performance is really my main gripe with it, without those, yes, i love it, too.
But those issues really make it painful to use, especially for more involved mobile projects where it hurts a lot when the performance becomes worse, especially for VR things for example where every frame per second counts in many ways.

And yes, in VR it’s also unacceptable when things like anti aliasing on android are broken and just get disabled by themselves because VR with no AA is pretty much no use at current display/resolution etc.

“Have you noticed that Unreal Engine was also made free after Unity was? I think this makes a point.”


Unreal Engine announced it was doing away with with the subscription fee to get access to the enginesource/editor weeks before the 2015GDC event…only then did Unity announce it would do the same (well except no source), and if you don’t think that Epic announcing it first, didn’t force Unity into doing the same then you’re just plain silly.. I’d bet Unity would still be charging license fees if it wasn’t for Epic making the move first. You could say someone at Unity wasn’t asleep, and saw what a risk it would have been had they still been charging indie’s and newcomers.. yeh they would have all gone to Epic and stuck with it. Dark ui skin is provided as standard without subscription, not some 100$ a month novelty.

Also Vulkan support is already in UnrealEngine right now along with better built in tools, a shader editor etc.. while Unity will only have something ready in Q3 just for Vulkan.. I’m sorry why wasn’t it more of a priority, no one cares for dx12 or win10 atleast I don’t…. the pace of Unity features/performance/effects/stability/unet(phase2? wtf is it) ugui improvements etc is disappointing. I don’t think I’ll be day dreaming with this engine for much longer, its been good to get started with, but unless they start doing something about all the feedback and actually starting sorting shit out soon. Cryengine and Unreal are looking far more favorable every update they get. While Unity would rather everyone go buy asset store packages to make up for the lack of built in features, or improvements in what is standard elsewhere etc. And that isn’t doing much for the performance, all this low hanging fruit in editor improvements etc that could be taken care of, but it has to be done by waiting for Unity to get around to it.

“Unreal Engine announced it was doing away with with the subscription fee to get access to the enginesource/editor weeks before the 2015GDC event…only then did Unity announce it would do the same (well except no source), and if you don’t think that Epic announcing it first, didn’t force Unity into doing the same then you’re just plain silly..”

Unreal didn’t announce “weeks” before, they announced the day before Unity did. So you’re claiming that Unity made a massive change to their business model in a single day while simultaneously saying that they’re really slow, and also claiming that the guys who just gave everyone a $20 discount are the ones who were doing something special and that Unity was just copying them…

What’s the status of Google Cardboard support? I use it on iOS with Google’s own Unity package, but having it work within native Unity as just another VR target would be great!

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