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Unity and Microsoft will now be working together to bring the Xbox One  deployment add-on to all developers registered with the ID@Xbox program at no cost to the developers. This is huge news and means that everyone that’s part of that program, not just partners to Microsoft Games Studios, will be able to take advantage of Unity to create awesome gaming experiences for the Xbox One. On top of this, a special Xbox One version of the Unity Pro tools are also being made available for these same developers at no cost.

The Xbox One is a powerful platform and we’re building powerful tools to take advantage of all of the features that make it so special like the Kinect and SmartGlass. Production is well underway and is progressing faster than originally anticipated! Very early testing phases will begin soon with a broader beta program in 2014.

Our two companies are aligned in our goals of furthering the democratization of game development and the expanded role of independent studios in today’s gaming ecosystem. 2014 is going to be an amazing year for gamers, in large part because of the efforts of smaller studios and the creative works you’re producing.

In the meantime you should take a quick trip over to Microsoft’s blog to hear more about the expanded opportunities for developers looking to make games for Xbox One.

With much love.

David Helgason

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  1. Nice to see Microsoft take an actual proactive stance finally.

  2. You guys are are amazing!

    PS: I hate consoles.

  3. Just make sure to get that ES Ram utilised correctly. Activision and EA stuffed that up for COD and Battlefield, meaning that you get a poultry 720p on a device that has a better graphics card than most standard PCs and they handle 1080p just fine without access to 5gb of ram!

  4. createasaurus

    11月 9, 2013 4:19 pm

    @PIXNLOVE Nintendo need not line up behind Xbox because Nintendo already has this. Learn more here We will have to wait a bit more for Xbox One as “the very early testing phases” have yet to even begin. Just clearing that up. And thank you Unity for supporting the counsels!!!

  5. This is exactly the news I was hoping to hear as I’m a new Indie developer company (just me at the moment) and I dream of developing for console especially the Xbone. Thank you Unity and Microsoft.

  6. Don’t worry It won’t be long before Sony and Nintendo line up for their Unity3D passport too.
    This tools really has democratised Game Development.
    When you think that it has all started in a basement with Three talented peoples…
    Pretty amazing.

    All that is left to do now is to give Unity Pro + All Add On (of course) to everyone in order to wipe out all other game engine from the surface of our planet so that we can all live in Unity! :)

    Thank for you post David, it really has made my day!

  7. i believe MS need this more then UNITY so no wonder it’s kind of free…but it’s great any way!
    any idea why MS blog not available??

  8. Nice step of Unity & Microsoft!
    But only to be sure. Joining the ID@XBox and (if accepted) using the free Unity Pro tools does not mean beeing restricted exclusively to Xbox / Windows development?

  9. James Griggs

    11月 6, 2013 5:37 pm

    Does anyone know what the XBox development kits will cost?

  10. Cool xbox one and unity :D

  11. Taylor Ringo

    11月 6, 2013 5:42 am

    I have a question, is the process of becoming an approved game developer similar to what Nintendo is doing? I’m asking since I am already approved for a dev kit.

  12. Great news!

  13. Sony ? what do you have for the developers ??

  14. Fantastic news! Now I have a reason to pickup the XBox. Look forward to it.

  15. Excellent news! I was almost on XBLA when I discovered how much I should have pay for the kits, now I see that Microsoft will issue them as a loan: that’s very good indeed for small family studios like ourselves :) Just applied… looking forward to publish on XBox One :)

  16. Marcius Oliveira

    11月 5, 2013 6:13 pm

    Tks, Unity and Microsoft, the idea is great.

  17. I Cant wait to see unities Kinect Drivers

  18. Couldn’t agree more. The AAA console titles are (in the main) sequels or variations on a tried and trusted formula. Executives dare not risk their jobs on innovation without certain reward. Since that is impossible, the traditional big three console vendors are waking up to the fact that it’s the indie and modding scene which is providing creativity at the low risk end of the market. But if they don’t provide the environment and support, at this grass roots level, then the good ideas won’t die – but they’ll remain out of their grasp. So this move is entirely logical, and most welcome.

  19. Awesome!!!

  20. This is certainly good news for Unity developers. Having going through the rise and fall of Microsoft XNA as the new wonder drug for developers, we need to be skeptical on how this program is rolled out, and how it is controlled and restricted by Microsoft. It becomes more clear there will be no new version of XNA to support the new platform. However, Microsoft feels the pressure of other console developments, namely Sony’s Playstation 4 and Valve’s Steam Machine, and this alone is good news. It provides more options for smaller game studios and indie game developers.

  21. Richard Fine

    11月 5, 2013 4:30 pm

    Awesome news.

    Will Unity be showing off Xbox One-specific stuff at any of the ID@Xbox events?

  22. That is the type of partnership that really keep Unity as the # 1 Engine for this side of 1 million dollars… And maybe the other side too :)

  23. Indies can be companies, too

  24. Simon (Darkside) Jackson

    11月 5, 2013 3:58 pm

    UFUK COBAN, that is no longer correct. the ID program for XBOX One is open to all developers for all sizes of teams.
    At present it is a limited beta and so only a few teams have access as yet but this will be opened up to all in due course, same as the other programs for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

    no timescales revealed as yet but you can make enquiries today by mailing

  25. I think this is not for indies? as i understand, this program requires being a company.

  26. WOW, that’s good news indeed. Though I’m not gonna make console games myself, I think a lot of current console developers will be very pleased with this free update!